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Carrie Bradshaw: The Villain

I have taken it upon myself to watch Sex And The City from scratch. Yes, season one episode one, way back to the early 90’s. I mean we are in quarantine, what else is a girl to do? I have reorganised my house, bought 100 new plants, made every single meal from scratch and completed all of the new shows on Netflix like it is a video game. So please reserve your judgement, I have already been sentenced, served my term and am now free to binge some more.

Before we get down to it and I get to the point of this article, can I just say that SATC is elite viewing? The older I get the more I relate to these four women who taught me so much about sex and relationships when I was too nervous to ask sisters and cousins.


I was YOUNG when the show first came out, maybe a bit too young to be watching such tantalising TV?
Definitely too young to know that Carrie, with her insanely cool and extremely relaxed job should not have been able to afford the best apartment in New York City. That somehow one column a week meant that she was able to fill her closest with Dior, Versace and Manolo Blahnik’s. I don’t mind all of that stuff, whilst not totally realistic, it adds to the glamour of the show don’t you think? I (and many others) wanted to be Carrie. I craved the excitement of the parties and I yearned for things to make me “get to thinking.”Β  Carrie Bradshaw, for the most part is *almost ultimate goals.

carrie at desk

*Almost: because what I really mean, is that for all of her sass and glamour there is something glaring me in the eyes every time I hit play and watch the little curly haired girl get splashed by a bus in the opening credits. Something that after binge watching for 11hrs straight I have to tell someone about.
Today I am presenting you with an argument, a theory that you may not like but have to accept as the truth because my friends it is a fact. Carrie Bradshaw is a villain.

This seed that was first planted in my mind the moment Carrie hurt Aidan. The first time. Remember when she spent most of their relationship lying to him and then started an affair with Mr Big?!?! Well that was the seed being sown and given all of the nutrients to grow.

Do you remember when she decided she wanted him back after seeing him look so good after months of not uttering his name, not once? Well my seed became a little bud at this time. It wasn’t until Season 4. Episode 9 to be exact (entitled sex and the country in case you want to get your research on) that the tree sprouted. Carrie and Aidan are back together, they are chilling at a cabin he has built in the woods and Carrie invites Big. She invites the man she cheated with to visit their holiday home, after everything.
I didn’t even bother screaming at my tv because it just became exhausting. The fact that Carrie couldn’t see what she was doing wrong was a sight to behold.
The tree died from over watering when Carrie broke Aidans heart for the last time refusing to wear the engagement ring and then breaking up with him when she knew from the beginning that she just wasn’t in it like he was.

aidan .gif

Maybe I am so mad at her because I have been Carrie. I have dated the guy who is wonderful on paper, who would sand my floors and move into my house and whilst my head told me to MARRY HIM! My heart and gut were not in it but the difference between myself and Miss Bradshaw is that I let that guy go free and find his soulmate. Carrie should’ve done the same.
Being selfish in love is something that is as common as pigeons used to being Trafalgar Square (before they were evicted of course) but that doesn’t mean it is ok. I think we can all learn from the lessons of our fave fashionista; if seeing your engagement ring makes you throw up and wearing the dress brings you out in a violent, contagious looking rash then he probably isn’t the guy for you so let him go. Before he starts knocking down your walls and paying your rent.


I will close by telling you this: Big and Carrie deserve each other. I am glad it ended well for them. Everyone deserves love. Even John.


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