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Welcome to The Sistem! There is a gap in the publishing industry catering toward the young, professional woman. We are talking about the women who are young enough to appreciate Tik Tok but maybe don’t want to create one. The women who want to discover new music but don’t need to be told who Stormzy is. Who appreciate a good book just as much as a slow whine in the club on the weekend. That is where The Sistem differs to your average blog, we are passionate about many things, from fashion to books and from music to popular culture and we know you are too. Because we are you. You're grown, you're not going to fit in a box. Join the Sistem.


Leah Davis- Writer
Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 14.26.40Known nationally for having the “sexiest voice on commercial radio” you can catch Leah slowing things down on Capital XTRA week nights from 10pm, other places you can find her? Literally anywhere with a decent happy hour or daydreaming about accepting a Nobel prize for her latest column on The Sistem







Remi Burgz- Writer
Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 14.25.57
There is a well known fact rocking around that “if you don’t like Remi then YOU are the problem”

Our resident music lover and sweetheart is here to tickle your sonic fancy and provide some much needed taste in your life. Find her in our music section putting you on the artists you need to know and also throwing her two pence in from time to time in the column.




Yinka Bokinni- Writer and EditorScreenshot 2020-04-20 at 14.30.41

Presenter of the Capital XTRA breakfast show; Yinka is well known for her jokes, loud laugh and even louder opinions. You can find her pouring her heart out about the latest social trend, making fun of your favourite rappers favourite rapper or dishing the dirt on the latest in film & television.

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