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[Who’s THAT Girl?] Joyce Kudia

Every two weeks we will introduce you to someone you need to be following with “Who’s That Girl?” A section dedicated to some of the ladies who are killing it in a different kind of field to your normal “merking it at life so get a feature in the magazines” way.

Introducing Miss Joyce K! A private chef hailing from London via Congo, Joyce’s food and her easy to follow, step by step recipes have been taking the internet by storm

Who are ya?
Hi! My name is Joyce and I’m a private chef and a business woman. Through my business Biloko, I run events centred around food ranging from pop up stalls to supper clubs. In addition to my work with Biloko, I am currently building my personal brand which includes private chef services and products. 
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 20.08.40
Joyce has been posting restaurant recreations on her Instagram
How did you get here?
My entry into the food industry was pretty unconventional. I didn’t attend culinary school.
From a young age I’ve always been extremely passionate about food and cooking.
I decided to start a food takeaway business in Essex in 2017. Looking back now, I think this taught me a valuable lesson about the food scene in London, though we had regular customers, we were finding that the effort we were putting in was not worth the money we were making.
During this time, I had been uploading food content on my Instagram and was spotted by someone who works at a high end, modern British restaurant. I decided to go and work there to learn and elevate my chef skills. Honestly speaking, there were times when working there felt like Hell’s Kitchen! However, I am grateful for the opportunity to have developed my skills as a chef within this competitive environment. I learned techniques on the job and within a few months I had acquired a range of new culinary skills and techniques. Although I knew that long-term I did not want to work for someone in a restaurant, I used the opportunity to take notes, both on the cooking side but I also had my business hat on at all times, monitoring how to run a kitchen effectively.
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 20.08.53
We can almost taste the curry, this is TORTURE
What sets YOU apart?
I pay attention to every detail, ensuring my food is not only visually appealing and tasty but I endeavour to ensure the entire food experience is equally as pleasant. I won’t pretend there have not been blips along the road, but when things have not gone to plan, I’ve attempted to learn the lessons and come back stronger and more determined. I love creating enjoyable food experiences, every single part of the process excites me; from creating a menu, sourcing food, testing, cooking down to eating. 
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 20.08.23
Duck and waffle anybody?
Next five years.. Where are ya?
The past five years have been amazing for my personal and career development. Some days I am stunned that I’ve been able to create a life by doing what I love. Five years from now, I expect to continue to develop as a successful international entrepreneur. If my journey has taught me anything, it is to work hard and have no limits. When I think of what the next five years has in store, I expect to release cookbooks, content and a range of products. I hope that my products will be found on the shelves of leading supermarkets. I acknowledge that not everyone has the luxury to spend hours cooking from scratch (and some people simply don’t want to!) so I hope to bridge this gap and create top quality, flavoursome food for my customers convenience. My dream is to have my own restaurant as well as several other ventures. I see myself working in partnerships with other food brands and maintaining my role as a Private Chef because I love cooking in intimate settings, creating unforgettable experiences. I can’t guarantee what the future holds, but I am sure that this is just the beginning of greater things to come and I honestly cannot wait to see my plans come to fruition!
Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 07.04.03
How do we find you?
@MsJoyceK on Instagram for all of your food-spo!

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