Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognitions [8th May 2020]

Another week, more gems to shares!

Let me know what you think in the comments below but more importantly send me tracks that you believe deserve the spotlight shone on them! 

I’m inviting YOU,  upcoming artists, producers and songwriters to slide into my emails because alway  remember: GOOD music DESERVES to be SHARED

 I play these tracks on my radio show every week, Fridays 12pm – 2pm via @ReprezentRadio >>><<< 


I’m convinced Enny wrote this song for all those people who need good friends in their life, you know to give it to them straight! Yup I said it, i said it because truth be told some of us may have needed to hear these lyrics growing up. We can all agree pursuing someone who isn’t into you or is into someone else is LONG. Anyway moving on, it’s not about me lol. ‘He’s Not That Into You is executed in a narrative, lighthearted and comedic way – something I especially appreciate about the single. Enny is a fast rising talented rapper, songwriter and all round creativity. As her DEBUT single – she is off to an AMAZING start and I’m very excited about hearing more from her.  Check out the visual’s below. 


More so these days the genre of drill is being experimented with and I can’t lie I’m here for it, especially when it has a TWIST. General Sneeks certainly fits this criteria with his debut single ‘More Of Me’. At first, it is his flow and energetic delivery that catches your attention BUT the bit that lit up my musical sensations is when he starts singing about  ⅗ of the way into the song. It was a blend I didn’t know I’d appreciate until I heard it. Word is that we have some visuals and a remix on the way.  I’m excited to hear more creativity on this one. 


The drop in ‘Como Tu’ without fail, every time, takes over my hips. When i listen to this I really feel like i am on a very hot island with an icy Pina Colada in my right hand whilst being shown around the different beautiful spots by a local. I believe this is what the producers wanted me feel – mission accomplished. As you may have noticed this is a hefty link up – but if there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that i am strong believer in collaboration.  This is a great example of why.   They all met in Plymouth University and were brought together by their passion for music.  ‘Como Tu’ is the 1st single off their 4 – track collaborative project called ‘Solerian’ . Have a listen to this, especially when the sun is shining because it might be the closest you get to the feeling of being abroad on an island for a long time.

Wow! that last sentence was actually hard to type. The reality of this lockdown is that we may be stuck in our respected countries for a while but one of the many things that can make it easier to bare is MUSIC. I look forward to sharing more with you next week. Don’t forget to send in the beauties in >>><<< 

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