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Sex And The City WITHOUT Samantha Is Just “The City”

SATC is back!!! But without a certain JOHN OR SAY KWA (In our humble opinion) so Yinka has taken it upon herself to reminisce and bring you 10 times Miss Samantha Jones made Sex And The City the show we know and love.

“she put the SEX in Sex And The City”

When the whisper of a return of my favourite show from the 90’s come 00’s first popped up; I was beside myself with happiness. Not only are the girls set to make a return, this isn’t going to be a remake. No no. This is a ‘what happens next’.
After the curtains closed 17 years ago, we are finally going to be able to see what became of our 4 old friends . Notice I said four, because without all of the ladies, SATC just wouldn’t be what it was. Think of all of the girls nights you’ve spent discussing which one of the ladies you would be, are you a Charlotte? Hopeless romantic, little bit stuck up but with excellent taste? Or maybe you’re a Miranda-come-Carrie, fiercely ambitious but have been hung up on one guy for the last decade?
One thing I didn’t expect, didn’t even consider is that SATC, our Sex and The City, would continue to exist without a certain Miss Jones.

Honestly, it isn’t a shock. I am enough of a fan to have kept up to date on the relationships of the cast and Kim Cattrall (Samantha) has been very vocal about her experiences on set during filming. It wasn’t great for her (understatement). Whilst it is complete understandable that Kim values her peace way too much for the cheque HBO are slinging to change her mind; I am going to miss Samantha, after all she put the SEX in Sex And The City.

1 That time she died her bush…
I thought I would kick off with something iconic. Something that is sure to CATCH your attention, and what better way than a bit of bush?
If you are not a SATC connoisseur then you may not know about the dyeing of her pubic region because she found a single grey hair. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that you need to put dye that is meant for your head on your bikini line simply because you find one teeny tiny problem. I just love the fact that 1. Getting older and finding wayward greys was approached on TV & 2. Samantha refused to be shamed by it (eventually).

2 Mr Too Small
Whilst body shaming is definitely not condoned here at Sistem magazine, you can’t deny that Samantha *finally* attempting to settle down wasn’t something that made you smile. On the same vein, I dare you to deny that you giggled when you found out, poor James wasn’t able to give Ms Jones what she wanted…

3 Mr Too Big...
Be careful what you wish for Sam.

4 When she actually fell in love
Now I wasn’t really her for the Richard- Samantha lurrrrve dynamic. It kinda irked me that the writers seemed to think that the only way Sam could “meet her match” so to speak was to be put in her place, by a man who earned more money and was essentially more powerful than her. I also thought it was highly unrealistic for Samantha to catch a man with his head literally between someones legs and forgive him BUT I will say that Samantha in a relationship was fun to see.

5 When she learned about the pusseta
Come throughhhhhh learning about the female orgasm.

6 Funky spunk
You may have realised this list isn’t in chronological order and for that I can only apologise. May I now draw your attention to the guy with the *weird tasting* erm.. stuff? Being that open and upfront when in a position of intimacy puts Samantha up there for me.

7 Refusing to be slut shamed
Carrie deciding that Samantha was a hoe for engaging in sexual acts at work (she gave the delivery guy a lil action) only made me see Miss Bradshaw as a VILLAIN even more (please see my previous work)

8 Being a boss babe all the bloody time
Running her own company whilst OWNING her shit? Just deserves a mention.

9 Not conforming to gender stereotypes
See post 8 for more on this. Samantha wasn’t waiting for a knight to come and save her, she didn’t need children or a husband to fulfil and complete her and for a female character in the 90’s? That my friends was quite groundbreaking.

And finally.. In at no 10: Samantha Jones is a queen in the art of self bloody love
I thought I would end with my favourite thing about Samantha. In real life, this world throws all sorts at you and you have to be selfish and put YOU first in order to come out the other side relatively unscathed. In the world populated with our 4 favourite ladies Samantha did just that. She put Samantha first.
*Side note* I am not sure if the writers would’ve made her so unapologetically herself if they realised how much she would outshine the other characters

From nude photoshoots to appreciate her body, to removing herself from the arms of Smith Jared becasue she didn’t want her life to revolve around a man. There are just too many reasons to stan.

Now I know I have left out some important details and some bad-ass Samantha Jones moments so please drop them in the comments and let us all rejoice in the fact that we got to know her!

Samantha, you’ll be missed.


  1. LOVE samantha and love this article!
    You’ve inspired me to watchbsatc from the beginning right now

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