Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s THAT Girl?] Alex Ampofo

You may know her as Planet Alex, her twitter bio littered with the brands and companies she works for. But what you may not know that she is potentially the sweetest person you will meet, Alex is a rare type of humble and it takes a fair bit of coaxing to get her accolades out of her and trust us, there are plenty. Getting her to feature on The Sistem has been on our list since we first started asking Who's THAT Girl? Back in May of this year. So here it goes

Who are ya?
“I’m Alex, a shy babe coming out of her shell haha!”
Alex admits that she is still learning a lot about herself, it’s a big question after-all.
“I feel like such an imposter sometimes but it’s really time to blow my own trumpet.”

Well luckily, we at The Sistem are here to *blow* it for her. To put it in its simplest form; Alex works in events. She is a live music promotor for Metropolis Music, on top of that she runs a diversity initiative at Live Nation UK, “[we] aim to provide a space to discuss, question, challenge and take action where necessary to promote race equality and diversity.”

*Prepares trumpet for a second toot*

She is also the founder of two not-for-profit organisations; Acoustic Live, an award-winning events company, “[we are] dedicated to the manifestation of acoustic talent”.
And Women Connect which acts as a female forward collective, the aim with this organisation is to create safer, inclusive spaces and equal opportunities for Women, Non-Binary and Gender-Variant people in the creative industry. That is a very detailed way of telling you that Alex Ampofo is amazing.

How did you get here?
It hasn’t been a straight road to success for Alex, she is the definition of hard work “I don’t even know where to start!” She starts and it’s understandable!
That feeling undoubtedly comes when you have had your head down, working hard and haven’t come up for air or to see just how much you have achieved “it was a real combination of things, mainly working in music venues and making contacts, some of whom helped me get to where I am today.”
Alex began working on events in venues and corporate bookings in the beginning of her career and slowly transitioned in to touring two years ago. “After a couple of years running Acoustic Live at different venues in the UK, I started an internship at Metropolis… Where I currently work and just climbed the ladder!”

What sets YOU apart?
“I always stay true to my taste.”
This statement is loud, bold and free. Which incidentally are three words one might use to describe Alex. Over the years, many tastemakers have come and gone but Alex is here to stay with her ear to the ground and idea’s fresher than ever I’m here for the music and not the idea of being part of something successful”
That is the secret when it comes to having longevity, sticking to your guns and knowing what you like regardless of what is popular at the time and it’s what will keep Alex around for years to come.

Next 5 years… Where are ya?
“I don’t think about it too much because I’m a chicken” is the initial response and we get it! It’s a big one. Every time we ask this question we get something different, some speak about personal goals and other what they want the career looks like in the future. Alex is a rare one who is exactly where she needs to be right now, she likes the space she has created for herself and the work she does. Yes she’d like to be more senior at work and potentially on a yacht in the south of France (who wouldn’t?!) ” I’ll also be thriving”
Alex adds, “with two or more successful companies which put talent, expertise and the people at the forefront of everything!”

Well. There you have it!

Where do we find you?
 My Website

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