Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognitions [20th November]

In the mood for some good music from some upcoming artist? Well, I’m always on the lookout for just that because the truth is some of them make bangers that need to be heard! This week I’ve only gone and given you THREE of em (i mean it’s always three but you know) – just feast your eyes on these.


Mate, I can assure you this is one here will ‘quick fix’ your playlist *winks *. See what i did there? I hope so caz that would be awks. East London’s Bace God is rounding off the year with a smooth, afro fused, feel good single that makes me wish it was summer & I was on roof top armed & dangerous sipping on two cocktails at once. Then I’m quickly reminded that we didn’t even have a summer this year and then i’m sad all over again (i’ll be ok, i think). With an excellent a play on words, his video is set in a mechanic’s garage with him too occupied with the lead girl to even fix cars quickly haha. Come thru Bace! Check out the visuals below!


Debut distins! Welcome brudda! TVNOH has touched road with a bop of a tune indeed! It’s not just men that want PS5’s – ladies too I deserve it. Not necessarily because I know how to play the console just because…assets init. Haha. Words from TVNOH himself – ‘“Deserve it” is a way to remind our blackwomen that they are queens, and to demonstrate to men how they are to be treated’ – If there’s one thing, you deserve in this life – its to be treated right, the furthest away from wrong.


*Breathes in heavily * ‘I just NEED a REAL ONE’ *sighs vigorously* Single life ain’t it y’all. But also a un-real one ain’t it either so I’ll just wait – but enough about my personal problem’s. HVNLY. is hailing all the way from Amsterdam and at only 21years of age she’s has lined up a strong start to her career. You know its real when you actually go back to listen to the rest of their music …

I ate all of HVNLY.’s music up sha.

Giving us a concept & creativity – Check out the ‘Real One’ visual below.

Don’t forget you can find all my Remi’s Recognitions in one organised place on Spotify – #thankmelater add your fav’s to your playlist too but more importantly if you’re feeling it share the music. WORD WORD WORD.

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