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White Lines: A Review Without Spoilers, Just Lessons.

Do you want to know what’s better than a ‘good morning’ text from the person you love?…


A  random text message from a friend who you recommended a show to…

I have had Netflix for 9 years now and never have I dived into the archives of this streaming service before until this unexpected lockdown. Three word’s I am extremely excited to see for before the actual title of the show/movie is : A NETFLIX ORIGINAL

In my mind, it automatically translates to… ‘IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN‘: *insert title of show/movie here*.


Which is exactly what transpired when I hit play on ‘White Lines’. Written by the makers of Money Heist, White Line deserves all the accolades. I am going to touch on a few of the lesson’s I took from some of the characters in this series, all whilst trying my best NOT to spoil the show for you . Did you know writing reviews without spoiling the show for the readers is an actual skill? After reading this, we will both see if this is a skill I do or do not have…


Laura Hancock, who plays Zoe Walker

Set in the weather goals of Ibiza, Spain – it encapsulated a perfect blend of English and Spanish culture sprinkled with lessons and absolute shockers. The series begins with the disturbing discovery of Axel Collins‘s mummified body, who is Zoe Walker’s older brother. The quest quickly begins to find out who killed her brother shortly after him and his best friend’s Marcus, Anna and David set off to live their best lives on the fast paced, musical islands of Ibiza 20 years ago. 

The young Mancunian’s relocated to Ibiza in their teens: from left to right David, Axel, Marcus & Anna.

Due to the zero faith she had in the Spanish justice system, Zoe left behind her husband and daughter in Manchester armed with only a backpack, her detective jeans jacket and sandals.  Axel’s death is the main storyline and is played out via flashbacks of his life leading up to the murder  – could the whole storyline have been summed up in 5 episodes? Yes, to be honest however we quickly see that Zoe’s persistence in trying to find out what happened to her brother shakes the tables of every character involved including her own. 

Lesson’s Learnt From Zoe: Ride out for your family because the authorities won’t. You can bury your head in the lifestyle that society want’s you to live by or you can start living the life you want to. There may become a point (or many points) in life where you may feel ‘lost’ or start ‘reevaluating’ your current situation. This could be life presenting a ‘crossroad’ of some sort. Do you choose familiarity or do you choose a new path/ career goal. It is OK to START AGAIN. You will enter your new chapter wiser.

I don’t know if it is with pleasure (i’ll leave that for you to decide when you finish watching)  but this is where i introduce… The Calafats. 


A family with a lot of money, and as we know with a lot of money comes a lot of land, too much power and a whirlwind of f**kery. They managed to wiggle their way into this mess because it was their land Axel’s body was found buried on. This nuclear family is far from ‘normal’ and is riddled with some deep rooted beef and issues that probably only counselling could fix. 

My concern is definitely heightened for the son Oriol Calafat  simply put throughout the series. I think he is ‘doing the most’ – this is basically someone who is willing to lose him/herself for what he wants. It’s the territory you enter after it initially started off as good intentions. 


Lessons learned from the Calafats: Family disfunction is real and very easy to drown in, money, food, looking good and everyday life activities. Talk to each other because honestly sometimes a simple explanation can prevent reactions that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

As for Boxer. I see why this name was given to him. He is painted to be a character that can take a lot of blows to the body, mind and soul.


It’s a shame, I mean look at him. He has a heart of Gold to match his beautiful beard.

Boxer, is the Calafat’s Head of Security was balancing two jobs as soon as Zoe came into town. One was paid in currency, the other saw him battling with the payroll of love. I’m grateful for his character but it really helped Zoe face her fears of ‘living her best life’ –  just like her brother did. In the long run, it helps Boxer prioritise his life too. Boxer eventually comes to the realisation that he too deserves to be happy. Yo, typing this is emotional – because honestly this part of the story line is typical yet with a high dose of ‘beautiful’ injected into it. 

Lessons learned from Boxer : In this life, you deserve happiness and you will only achieve it once you put yourself first and allow yourself to receive happiness. 


The main question is Who killed Axel Collins? That is answered, signed, sealed and eventually delivered. But, what is a main without a side aye?  There’s still plenty left to poke at and explore so Season 2… Where art thou?



Lesson learned from White Lines: Spanish Writers are LIT!

The Netflix series is starring: Laura Haddock, Tom Rhys, Nuno Lopes, Daniel Mays, Marta Milans, Juan Diego Botto, Pedro Casablanc, Belén López, Angela Griffin, Laurence Fox, and Tallulah Evans.

The show is funny, gripping, sickening and thought provoking – I am not sure if these lessons were intentional but I really did appreciate what I took from it. It’s out now on Netflix! Till Season 2 friends.. & bring a note Book.


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  1. I have been hearing good things about this but lessons? I will have to watch and see if I agree, I’ll get back to you on that one Remi burgz

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