Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s That Girl?] Bami Kuteyi

Who are ya?
Bam Bam with the Boogie lol but seriously my name is Bami Kuteyi and I am an entrepreneur, lover of life and overall FEARLESS female. I am the founder of Bam Bam Boogie & Twerk After Work both interconnected wellbeing brands that bring together Afro-Caribbean dance styles, fitness and meditation for a 360-degree empowering workout. Although I LOVEEEE what I do and it’s so connected to who I am as a person I am learning to now distance my identity from just being about my business – hence why I tried to jazz up my introduction a little bit.

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How did you get here?
I’m a proud AF 90’s baby and middle child to 2 hardworking, self-made and very inspiring Nigerian Immigrant parents. I was born in London, moved to Toronto when I was 14, moved to Dublin when I was 22 and moved back to London at 25. This is why I like to call myself a global citizen as I can’t stick with calling just one place home. I only began to reflect on my various life experiences in 2015 when my mental health and confidence began to suffer. Growing up I was always the confident life of the party but in 2015 when I moved away from home to work for Google in Dublin it really took a toll on me. I realised I was suffering from imposter syndrome and didn’t like who I was becoming.
After my first ever trip to Nigeria Christmas 2015 I came back feeling worse than when I had left so decided instead of giving up I would write myself some goals including entering a fitness bikini model competition (LOL!).
When I started to train with my trainer I noticed that the gym didn’t feel like a diverse, inclusive or body positive space so instead of going into a dark hole about this I decided to make a change. That’s when Bam Bam Boogie was born- I held my first class at the Google Offices in Dublin May 2016 and have been forming fearless females ever since.
Since then I have quit my job at Google, run my business full time, built up a global team of twerk instructors in 3 different continents, worked with some of my dream clients like Nike, Facebook, Google etc, Launched my own App, Met the COO of Facebook, Became a Young Ambassador of the Princes Trust, Empowered over 20,000 women and the list goes on to be honest. However, in this current climate I am just grateful to be happy (most days), healthy and surrounded by love online & offline


What sets YOU apart?
What sets me apart is my story coupled with my infectious energy for life. I’m just so honest about where I am coming from, who I am and where I am going that it just attracts people towards me and what I’m doing. People always want to know more about me and understand why I would leave the top company in the world to start twerking. Also the fact that I’ve been through so much and I never let this deter me from my mission of forming 1,000,000 fearless queens by 2030!


Next five years.. Where are ya?
It’s 2025… I’m still twerking but mainly just for fun. I have sold my business and brand to a global fitness conglomerate for a sum that I’m unable to discuss publicly but just know I secured the bag and then some 🤑.  I’m living in LA now as a business mentor/ coach especially focusing on young women from diverse backgrounds and I’m loving my new passion project, a social enterprise specifically for girls aged 11-16 to get into creative industries.


How do we find you?
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  1. I did an online class with Bam Bam and it was so brilliant, fun and memorable, I really can’t wait to do another one.

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