Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognitions [29th May 2020]


Three new beauties that will season your playlists, strengthen your musical horizon, widen your taste buds,  give you ‘plug’ status… should I go on? Or you catch my drift?


I’m here for all things new, all things dug up and discovered. Every week I share with you three tracks that may not have the attention it should. We all have lives, sometimes good music slips through the cracks. I’m using my shortsighted eyes to find them, play them on my radio show & put them in front of you here. Simply because GOOD Music DESERVES To Be SHARED. 

Shayne Brown – Right Now

I’m typing this whilst the British weather has decided to bless us with the Sun, and this song easily accompanies it. Shayne Brown hailing from Edmonton, North London – is multifaceted, rapper, producer, song-writer who on this occasion came singing, came with the harmonies, came with the swit swit ad-libs. Right Now is cute blend of his appreciation for independent women and also believing in his sauce. It deserves to be played all summer… and beyond. It should fit into your ‘vibe’ or ‘sing-along’ playlist (I always wonder what people name their playlists?). Either, way it slots into mine beautifully and my guess who really appreciates it…


Shoutout SkirmisherBeats on the productions too, smooth with it. I think we should all learn the words because I’m sure I won’t be the only one on the dance-floor when this comes on at brunches/intervals for networking events/bbq’s. I hope not anyway, don’t leave me on the dance-floor please – Start today, with the lyric video below.

633 feat. Drowze & Dan Onkar – Run Around 

633 is made up of two musical specialists, DJ Jevanni Letford & Eugenius Musica. The producer duo sprinkled their Afro-Carribbean flavours on the beat then called upon the sweet sounds of Drowze & Dan Onkar to bless us with an anthem. No-one likes a time waster, especially when it comes to the dating world. Listen, if I speak we will be here all day, but it’s not about me…so back to the song at hand!


This single fits beautifully with the this could be us, but you playing phenomenon. The song is about getting the Run Around from someone who isn’t ready to be serious or committed. Drowze and Dan Onkar express the heights of their commitment levels, ‘if I had to preach, baby your the church I’d choose’  (side note: barsssss)  but then they chuck in a few… ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ lines – ‘I ain’t gonna wait for you – no, nah nah’ . *clicks fingers*. Love IT! The quarantine setup is still at large but I do hope these lads are planning a video?? (no pressure, PRESSURE)

Di.An.Dre feat. Dame Fyffe – No Shame 

International Recognitions are always a treat! Di.An.Dre resides in Brooklyn, NYC  and I literally came across this beauty on instagram. So not quite through the conventional ‘send in your music‘ root but I had to bring to your attention. The message, the piano melody, the flow, the feeling that it provoked whilst listening to it and of course Di.An.Dre’s voice  – I just HAD to share it.  No Shame is soothing yet punchy, patient, hopeful and loud. Dame Fyffe comes through with story-telling lyricism which adds to the importance of the message. I really enjoyed the ‘day in the life of’ aesthetics of the video and at just 20 years of age, I can’t wait to hear more from the her.


Let me know what you think of this week’s selection below! 

Got a banger? Send it to me….‘Meet me halfway*, right at the borderline that’s where I’m gonna wait… FOR YOU’ – (Fergie, 2009)

*Halfway point 👇🏾


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