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Remi’s Recognition [12th April] // @Jujuboystar // @LondonYG_ // @M3l.Muzik @LaceCadance

It was a heavy week last week, I hope we are all doing alright – much like we music lovers do, we literally use music at full blast to get through – thank God for playlists. I’ve put all my discoveries in a playlist so I can listen to the hidden talents of the world I just happened to make it public because I’m not selfish, Good music deserves to be shared. So voila – you now have access to the riddims too.


We are LITERALLY on the cusp of ENJOYMENT here in the UK. June 21st is 69 days away. This release couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve been freed into groups of 6 outdoors & the non-essential shops have open their shutters. Jujuboy Star linked up with the producer of probably your favourite Burna Boy song Kel-P (vibes). Both signed to Aristokrat Records which is the record label who thankfully delivered Burna Boy to us in 2013). Let’s be honest this pandemic has changed the whole meaning of ‘enjoyment’. It really has a totally different meaning now, because before enjoyment to me would be the action of actually eating the food at a restaurant but now enjoyment is just being able to sit down at a restaurant. Anyway, back to this RIDDIM. Jujuboy came into my line of sight with when his short documentary introducing himself and passion for music went viral on Twitter. I quickly found his banger ‘I Dey There’ and became a fan. He hasn’t let me down o’. This one is a soundtrack leading to the summer & a mood for LIFE. Check out the visuals below for his (our) version of enjoyment 👀.


Every now and then you need a track in your life you just need to take in, don’t need to do too much – just turn the volume up and listen. The sample is the first clue that that you are about to enter one of those tracks! London YG gives you a glimpse into his thought process, how things are around his ends and how focussed he is. On entry he captured my attention with the vocals then switches up his flow with deep rap, conviction and punchlines – typical characteristics of a South London resident! I also really enjoyed the production on this! I have rid to this on full blast and i can confirm you feel like your the star of the music video, one hand on the wheel, staring in the distance, squinted eyes ( you know for that cool effect haha). Seriously, try It! Take in London YG, after a long hiatus in 2020 he came back with an EP ‘A Candid Canvas‘ and he plans to keep hitting us with more, it’s a matter of time before you see him being brought out by your favourite rapper.


I’m always interested the Afro sounds coming out of different parts of the world, Afrobeats coming out of Africa is the original sound but I would say for example UK Afrobeats has a particular sound. So hearing other territories outputs is always exciting to absorb – Toronto/Washington stand up! I’m feeling this one! M3L is a Cameroonian born, Afro Reggaeton artist based in Toronto! Bilingual and having lived in 6 different countries his music is a great representation of his experiences. Lace Cadence (who I met over clubhouse during it’s great non-toxic times) is a radio host out in Seattle, Washington holding down the Afrobeats fort & also the producer in charge of giving us this great fusion of afro and dance – when listening to Million I definitely imagine views, roof tops, beach vibes, loads of clink clinks and vibes – this is not just because I’m really in need of a really good time due to this pandemic. Take them in!

See ya next week.

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