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Remi’s Recognitions – International Women’s Day [8th March] @MychelleUK @KaceyChambers // @Lesialand_ // @LaRachyy // @ItsAdenike

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the wonderful, brave & tenacious women who have accomplished so much in this lifetime & before us. A day to recognise women’s challenges & a day to amplify the fight for women’s rights across the world. For today’s #RemiRecognition it’s all about the women in music (I mean, it always has & will be #respectfully) so I’m going to be sharing 5 amazingly talented women who you should keep on your radar but more importantly support.


Prepare to be blown into your emotions. I don’t even think this kind of voice should be legal in my opinion. I’m writing this at 2 am in the MORNING and I’ve literally left this on loop for an hour straight. Look in life when they say, start as you mean to go on this is what they were talking about my g’s !! As her debut single, all I can say is…. WATCH THIS SPACE. Representing Hackney East London, Mychelle began playing her guitar at age 7, she put it down for a while and picked it back up at 17 (I’ve never been so grateful) and eventually began busking around London. It’s the grind for me, her voice really deserves to be heard worldwide. Below are some visuals to this below & at the end of the video, Mychelle kinda does her own version of when rappers say ‘ay yo, turn up my headphones’ but instead the song cuts and the guitar gets turned up & we get a lil live acoustic performance at the end. Safe to say, she’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Whew, the heartbreak is swimming in this one. BANGER. I would of been screaming these lyrics down the high street had this come out a few years ago when I was REALLY going through it, so i guess I’m kinda grateful I’m listening to this with a mended heart LOL. North London’s Kacey Chambers is not new to the music industry but she’s back on a mission to cement herself in the music scene & quite frankly i’m ready for more. On this one Kacey is schooling us on how to CUT, BOUNCE and BLOCK a boo when the love is looking a bit too one – sided and I respect that loudly. And quite frankly ‘Sorry I can’t make you mine’ seems like a great way to end a time waster’s quest to waste even more of your time. Check out her Unofficial video of Make U Mine below.


One of my favourite contestant from The BBC’s Rap Game UK Season 2! & the reason Lesia was one of my favourites on the show was because you never really knew what you were going to get during every challenge on the show. The flows, the swag, the confidence grew as the show went on & one thing I love is GROWTH… & CONSISTENCY. So this shouldn’t be a shock when I say Lesia has DONE IT AGAIN. ‘Any eye can See‘ her first single since the show ended late last year and she’s given us melodic R&B vibes. On the show she showed that she could hold a note subtly with her melodies (shout out everyone else who clocked) however I guess it’s wasn’t the right place to showcase your talent when you’re competing in a rap show. So I guess now the box is open Lesia pulled out the singing SINGING & of course a guest appearance from her rapping ego! This a RIDDIM & I love the energy that oozes through it both sonically & in the video! Check it out below.


I think I’ve found a song that is pretty much going to be the neo – soul theme tune for ‘June 21st‘ aka ‘Release Day‘ aka ‘Fresh Home Fresh Home‘. After the 5 day bender many of us are planning La Rachy has given pretty much a timeline of how the days going to go for everyone planning to go ALL out – including the recovery period. Faded is sonically pleasing because you really do feel as though you are on a journey through out. After a long hiatus in releasing music the singer, songwriter and producer from London is back, skilled up and hopefully on the way to releasing some more anthems this year?


Imagine having just ‘love’ on it’s own, when there is ‘sweet love’ out there! I beg, give me desert forever. Sweet Love is a theme tune for when you’ve official ‘caught feelings’ and you’re not holding back on what is going on in your mind – this is also known as WHIPPED. I’m just saying this dating stage is DANGEROUS. Straight outta South London, Adenikè is giving here to provide us with Afro flavours! Sweet Love is off her new 3 track self titled EP, Adenikè, which is where she wanted to share both her good and bad decisions in her past with men. Check out Adenike’s performance of Sweet Love below.

Women really are special, exhibit A – E are above, but just take a lot around you – women around the world are constantly proving Beyoncè right… so for honorable reasons please click on the truest worlds that ever lived (after the bible of course)…

The Women’s Nation Anthem.

If you would like to send music to feature on the blog please email >>music4remi@gmail.com<< – get creative with the subject line, it’s my fav thing about emails. It’s like a blurb but shorter does it get any better?

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