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The 10 Women Who Inspire Me The Most

This International Women's Day, our Yinka Bokinni has taken on a very tall order! To write a list of the women who inspire her the most without cringing everyone out. Can she do it? Lets find out, here are Yinka's 10 most inspirational women:

When tasked with writing an article for International Women’s day my brain absolutely farted. How do I sum up the range in a few words in my column for Sistem Magazine? Well the answer is I can’t. I could list the womxn who are killing it at radio but this piece would quickly turn into a dissertation. I could write a piece dedicated to my girls group chat but that would involve exposing secrets I am bound to protect. So I decided to just wing it with this list of 10 women whom I absolutely adore. Here it goes.

Leah Davis & Remi Burgz

Kicking it off with the duo who run this platform with me. It is pretty easy to gush about these two.

From waking you up early doors at the weekend on Capital XTRA & 1Xtra respectively to producing excellent content on this here Sistem Magazine, Leah and Remi are up there with the hardest working women I know. Leah runs Capital XTRA bookclub, interviewing your favourite authors (check out the latest episode here)
Remi has just started her new show on BBC 1Xtra, taking over the weekend breakfast slot and even though it’s only been a few weeks.. SHE IS KILLING IT


Whenever see the words “ladies…” on the timeline I know it’s going to be a good day. Oloni has been one of my favourite content creators since before we called them that. Oloni is a national treasure.
She was one of the first people I saw speaking on the issue of consent and has since done talks in schools and her “consent is sexy” campaign really helped open the issue to a wider audience.
Oloni has taught me so many things, following her involves more than giggling at her trending topics or thanking God above that my dating dilemmas aren’t as bad as the people who anonymously DM HER. She has strived to normalise the conversation around the female sexual experience and sexual health, often at her own expense. I will now and forever more will be an Oloni Stan!

Shayna Marie

I dont think any kind of list honouring the women I most admire would be complete without my other half. You may know Shayna Marie from her work as co-host of the Capital XTRA breakfast show where she puts up with all of my clowning 5 days a week. Or maybe you are most familiar with her exquisite selecta ability? Shayna shells it down on Friday nights on Capital XTA and (when we are allowed) will have you banging on the furnace of any dance she attends. The thing about Shayna is, the personality she exudes on air is real and that is rare. Most people put on their game face, they adopt a persona that draws you in. With this one, it’s all her. And don’t tell her I said this because I WILL deny it but, I wouldn’t wanna wake up with anyone else on a cold Monday in December!

Listen to Shana’s latest mix here

Chanté Joseph

It’s hard to sum up the level of internet-girl-crush I have on Chanté. It stirred long before she took to All4 and taught the nation How Not To Be Racist but was definitely solidified somewhere around the fact that she is the pole-fitness-inspo you need in your life. Chanté is the type of person you just want to be around, if we weren’t in the middle of a Pa Salieu I would’ve rolled up on her months ago.
There is just something about Chanté, her articles are witty and when she finishes that book (finish your book Chanté!) I will definitely be pre-ordering. She just has an ability to articulate herself in a way many of us wish we could, be it laughing at trending topics online or drawing our attention to issues that need it. Chanté is one of the rare few in this digital world, that I actually trust .

Yasmin Evans

I don’t know if Yasmin knows this but her Good Vibes Radio got many of us through some of the toughest times during the pandemic last year and she continues to make good on her promises to spread good energy always. I am not quite sure how one person can be so calming but Yasmin achieves it, if you are looking for a corner of tranquility in this social-media-game then Yasmins instagram is where you need to be.
I’ll let you in on a little secret: Yasmin is one of the presenters who inspired me to try my hand at full-time radio, in a industry that is bursting at the seams and is only getting more and more competitive she has taught me that being yourself is your most precious commodity. Regardless of what the world seems to be doing, Yasmin moves to the beat of her own drum and the rhythm of her own two-step. And for that she is one of the most inspiring of all.

AJ Odudu

AJ is more than just the representation we’ve been screaming out for, she is one of the absolute best in the business.
To list her CV will take up more than my word-count allows so I will simply say this:

She wont remember this but the first time I ever met AJ was at a random gig in Peckham. She was hosting a Take Me Out style show for a brand, and I just remember thinking “wow” everything about her is impressive, her confidence, the way she owns the stage and speaks like she KNOWS exactly what the answers to her questions are going to be. Fast forward a few years and I can actually call this woman my friend. I am not sure if she even knows the ways in which she inspires us mere mortals. I watch The Voice just to catch a glimpse, I wear her L’Oreal Lipstick, I am even considering orange carpet for my flat. AJ Odudu for the win.

Tinea Taylor

Tinea has one of the best voices on national radio. When we worked together at Rinse FM, all those years ago I remember thinking “Gosh I wish I sounded like her”
She has one of those voices and personalities that was just made for broadcasting.
Tinea voices so many adverts across ITV & MTV, not to mention holding it down as a regular presenter on KISS FM for the last few years. She launched a brand new show on KISS last year and since then some of my favourite interviews have been steered by her.
She makes you feel at ease, like you have known her for decades.
Tinea as goals stretches a bit further than on air, look at her instagram and tell me you don’t see FITNESS! She is a babe in every sense of the world and I am enjoying watching her flourish. Give it up for the consistent darlings!

Dionne Amoo

Regular Sistem Magazine contributor and one of the most articulate women on this planet, Dionne Amoo is a force.

She tells you the real, the uncomfortable and above all the tells you the truth. I only have to point you to the articles that we have published to give you a taste of the level of talent we are dealing with. There is a saying, something about us all having the same 24hrs in a day as Beyoncé, well I would like to file a petition so that it reads a little more like this:

We all have the same 24hrs as Dionne Amoo”
Not only is she a mum, a business woman and a writer; her instagram feed will keep your brain and soul nourished while you wait for her next bit piece of content. If you need a further example, watch this video.

Judi Love

I saved Judi for last because this is the section that needs the most editing. This is where things may get a little mushy and hard to read and I appologise in advance for being cringe.

I LOVE Judi Love, I love everything about her and the funniest thing about this that is she knows it. Because I tell her at every opportunity. If I bump into her at an event and even in the comments of her instagram.

From bingeing her videos on Facebook back in the day to watching her make history on Loose Women. I love Judi Love. She is so eloquent that she can explain and lay down the real on topics that are tough for some of us to even approach. And she does so with such an ease that receiving tough news from her just feels like a hug. She has stayed true to herself throughout all of these years. and is still recognisable and the woman whose videos used to get plastered all over my Facebook Wall.
Judi Love is what it means to be yourself and flourish To not compromise and shine.

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