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Most Wanted: A List of Crime Dramas.

Do you feel like you have seen absolutely every bit of "good telly" there is out there? Well in her latest piece for Sistem, Remi invites you into the world of the crime drama. From police investigations to potential alien abductions; the genre is huge! Read below for your new favourite TV show


Meet the man who took over my second year at University and was responsible for me sitting in a psychology lecture for half an hour before realising I was in the wrong lecture. Yup, the tiredness from binging on the series sent me into oblivion. Dexter is a ‘forensic scientist’ for the Miami Metro Police however, he is a solo scandal as he becomes a serial killer by night (sometimes day). Throughout the show he tries to justify his actions but it all boils down to his struggles to balance his human emotions. It’s a mess but you will love it.


There are levels to twists and turns and this show here is Top Tier, one that makes you proud to be British. Police Crime Drama’s and the UK is just If you’re a bent copper – you don’t want the police corruption department ‘AC-12’ even knowing your name. The names Ted Hasting, Steve Arnott & Kate Fleming should send shivers through your spine, as each season they are dedicated to breaking down a bad seed in the police force. Aside from finding these ‘criminals’, I appreciate the insight into how easy it can be for officers to crossover into the bent copper world.  

CSI *insert favourite spinoff here*

If CSI was a fast food restaurant, it would be Burger King. There was pretty much a franchise of the ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ in a city nearby, you had CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, CSI: Cyber. This fast paced crime-drama will have you gripped on every episode because you just know they wouldn’t drag the story line for decades to come. There is main team of investigators who used each other strengths to solve crimes, quickly. Although the plot summary is the same, each franchise, season and episode is different in their approach to crime. I have to give an honourable mention to CSI: Miami, it was so good I considered joining the police force.


Serving as the UK’s longest running drama from 1983 -2010, the truth is ‘The Bill’ walked so that many of the police drama’s that exist now could run *DROPS MIC*. 26 series, 2425 episodes and ‘You’re Under Arrest‘s . As the millennials that we are, we joined the party quite late but, better late than never. Either way it was pure entertainment – I hope it wasn’t a actual representation of the police force because some cops came to solve crime, some to fall in love with co-workers, others came to fight for the title of ‘most corrupt officer’ – it was one big dramatic handcuffing family over at the fictional Sun Hill Police station.


After an 11 year break from her day job as a Police Detective, Marcella Backland returns and is trying to balance hunting down a ‘serial killer’ with fixing her failing marriage and some other, erm; issues. The stress of the burden takes a toll on her mental health and has everyone questioning her ability to get the job done (both wife and mother jobs nd actual job job). Personally, I believe you should never doubt a woman – just don’t, we will prove you wrong and you will make an enemy in the process. It really is amazing to see a British crime drama lead by a woman, it doesn’t happen often but when it does we get some true gold – word of warning when diving into Marcella’s world- it’s a bumpy ride so hold on tight.


One of the more glossy shows on the list and starring someone who has already featured on this list; Michael C. Hall is really in his crime bag. this show focuses on the mystery of a missing teenager. Tom (Michael C. Hall) her father unpicks an insane web of lies and secrets within his very safe, very affluent gated community, whilst trying to find out the fate of his daughter. Watch for (potentially unbelievable) twists you never see coming.


Each season of this top tier show is based around a singular historical crime. A case that has gone unsolved for decades. A loveable if not dysfunctional detective duo attempt to solve the case at hand and somehow create UK telly magic. Another show with a more than capable female lead in Nicola Walker *cue round of applause*
The point is tackling crimes and providing answers to questions that have long since been forgotten but it is also so much more with Unforgotten, its gritty, its sometimes uncomfortable and it is up there with the UK crime drama greats.


This is hidden in a corner of Netflix, reserved only for those who have exhausted pretty much every other British, crime and/ or police dramas. You can be quite forgiven for not having heard if it (if you haven’t) but don’t judge it by its low placement on the Netflix chart.
Giri/ Haji is equally set in the UK and Tokyo, we follow Takehiro as a butterfly effects of a single moment cross oceans and language barriers. Bingeable? Oh yes. Worth the subtitles? They make it an even better watch.


If you liked Stranger Things then stop reading and go and get started on DARK. A TV show set in Germany (I advise watching with subtitles rather than dubbed) if you thought Stranger Things was OK but weren’t really sold on the other-worldly-ness of that particular show then you should still give DARK a go.
Yes it has the elements of a sci fi series which usually isn’t attractive to a crime- drama lover but with a mysterious twist that will keep you hooked until the last minute. Perfext for spouses/ flat mates/ family members with different tastes.


Did somebody say a new perspective on crime drama? Did somebody else say spin offs in different countries? Well Criminal provides in abundance; set in a claustrophobic interrogation room each episode provides a different suspect, with a different story. It truly is elite television with some pretty impressive cameos from a few of your TV faves. The question that is left on your lips after every episode is “would I have spotted that?” And it is enough to keep you coming back for more.

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