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The Best Of 2020: TV Shows This Year Got Right

The year that is 2020 has simultaneously been the longest and shortest year that most of us can remember. Sistem contributor Livie takes a look back at the one thing that was constant in this whirlwind of a year: FANTASTIC TV

With so many monumental things happening in 2020 that will make this year go down in history, it is only right that on the cusp of a new year that we reflect. The kind of reflecting I plan on doing isn’ on the canceled holidays, clapping on my doorstep or counting the tiers we have all cried. I’ve been thinking of the things, tv shows particularly, that helped us get through it.

Right at the beginning of 2020, we had Love is Blind
Can you believe it hasn’t been a year since we were all so invested in the bizarre lives of those people dating in pods?
Everyone’s favourite love story was
undoubtedly Cameron and Lauren, but we had loads of laughs from the others. Something we won’t be forgetting in a hurry is Jessica reminding us that she was 34 every 34 seconds and Gigi’s infamous “You know how you tell me, this is the best sex of your life? Do you notice that I don’t return the compliment?” Brutal!
We should’ve known way back then that this year was going to be a mad one.

Up next is Tiger King which was potentially the most random “documentary” of all time let alone 2020.
Now I have to be honest, the show was A LOT & I didn’t watch it till the end, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the memes that it produced. A little update on your favourite characters: Joe is still in jail hoping to get a pardon from the man who won’t leave the White House and if that wasn’t enough, they only went and had Carole Baskin on Dancing with the Stars, which is a further indicator of how long the year has been because this show only dropped in March! Can you believe it?

On from that, we had Too Hot to Handle which left as quickly as it came but was a nice bit of
mindless watching. Kelz was the hottest and clearly the smartest, he had zero interest in any of
the girls as soon as he found out a simple touch could fumble the bag! Aside from him, none of the
rest left a lasting impression and to be fair to them, I had to google Kelz’ name for this as well.
Maybe a second season will help solidify this amongst the “situational-relationship-reality show- with a twist” shows that we know and love.

Also on the list is Selling Sunset which Netflix managed to pull two seasons out of within a few
months of each other. I never would have thought that watching Estate Agents (or Realtors, as the
Americans call them,) would be that entertaining. Granted they are in Hollywood and so obviously
animated, but it was a nice break from real life to see how the other half live -especially because the
second season ended up being centred around a celebrity divorce as opposed to selling houses!

Last but not least (on my list!) is The Last Dance which was definitely more on the “serious” side especially in comparison to the other shows I’ve listed, following the legend that is Michael Jordan throughout his insanely inspirational and at times, tough to watch career. Somehow, not surprisingly it was meme central on Twitter.
So even if you were highly interested in it like me (I’ve watched it twice over) or were drawn to it by the memes, it was both a great watch and a good laugh.

In a year that we were robbed of watching Love Island as one big family on Twitter, I’m glad that we
had quite a few shows to take its place. 2021, you have big shoes to fill.

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