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Remi’s Recognition [19th April] // @madisonxparis // @jordyinit // @manlikekvy

You’re in the right place to get your fix, music heads never miss a chance to have your ears blessed. Let’s dive into some R&B, Afro vibes & Rap!


MOVED. That’s exactly how you will feel after listening to this. This is one of those songs you can’t listen to without closing your eyes (hence why I haven’t listen to this in the car yet LOL). Madison Paris has given an anthem that you just gotta add to you’re ‘I can’t wait till you get home’ playlist. It’s short and sweet yet needs a minimum of one reload. Personally, the Bass Guitarist in the production needs the SHARPEST of salutes – big up Sampl on the production man. A great marriage sonically and it’s deeply appreciated… Oh y’all thought i was done… THERE’S AN ACOUSTIC VERSION – IT SLAPS EQUALLY! I really miss LIVE music man but DAYUM. Madison Paris is here, I went back to listen to her discography and I can say I’m very excited to see her music flying higher in the future.


I’m sorry but the beat on this is SKRRRRRRRRRRRR vibes. You kind of have to automatically add this to the Car playlist? But that’s not all, Jordy is actually SPOILING us – did you hear the flows? the punchlines? the melodies? Did he gives us a bridge?? The switch up of the beat at the end?? Yo there is so much going on, it’s dangerous to drive to this tbh. The SUN and THIS *insert handshake here* . Imagine the MOSH PIT? Get out the way if you’re not coming with energy for this track here. It gave me more ginger seeing DamnShaq dancing to Cherry B on Roller Skates – just when you think you’re cool, DamnShaq shows you that his cooler. Love Him. But back to Jordy and his Cherry Bs, deep it some of my fav lines – give her tip, then i dip? …..maybe we, ginuwine – in those jeans?…. back then man couldn’t get business, now they wanna know man’s business? best ADLIB for me is …. STEWPID BOYS!LOL I’m hearing there’s a EP on the way – Hi, we are waiting.


Smooth Afro sounds coming out of Canadian soil. KvY is showing us RANGE in this melodic release, he goes into some extremely low tones into high notes – pretty on brand for the things that happens to your body when you catch feelings to be fair lol. I remember listening to it for the first time and thinking rah this song is short! Well because at 1:34 mins there is a sudden pause……then it came back i was like OH…

Ouu i like this!

Never underestimate the value of a what a pause and bring it back moment can do in song. KVY is an example of why you should broaden your horizon when listen to your favourite genre. There certain songs you’re fav artist won’t do but the upcoming artists will and it can give you ginger too. Take him in.

Oh YOU want to hear more? been there, done that! Check out more talented artists I’ve recognised in my official Sistem Mag playlist! Don’t forget to hit follow on spotify 🙂

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