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Remi’s Recognitions – @RebeccaWinterr @MullaStackz // @DAPTheContract // @RizzyBANatural [8th February 2021]

It’s that time again, here to share some talent with you. Let me know what you think on socials using #RemiRecognitions & lastly if you think i should be sharing your music with everyone – send it over my g!


Oh i do love a duet, i really do. I think we need more of them to be honest – but that’s another story for another day. Madam ‘Pree Me’ aka Rebecca Winter & melodic Mulla Stackz reached into each others pockets and pulled out Ghetto romance as the theme. Just in time for Valentines, if your love language is ‘Gifts’ Diamonds should be right up your street. Send your boo/side-ting/situationship partner in crime this riddim, hopefully they get the point. If not settle for cupcake and rose sha, it’s a Panasonic.


oh he rapping RAPPING ! Genuinely grateful for this discovery, the confidence, the delivery, the cadence. Born in Lagos, Nigeria studying overseas in the USA, DAP (never forget ‘The Contract’) commands a listen with ‘Why Would I Lie’ . Just under 3 mins of a cross between flows, higher notes and a celebration of life with genuine raps. Stand out bars for me ‘before i knew it google through me a bag and said i’m the goat, they cant believe i’m not famous yet’ – a likkle flex there… Taken from his upcoming EP ‘I’m Glad You Made It This Far’ i hope that it’s filled with more stories through the eyes of the guy with the contract, DAP.


It was all going so well mate, but if theres one thing bluetooth in the car is going to do… is air out your hanky panky on speaker! Rizzy B is your lover boy, your sweet boy who loves love – however his upcoming EP is just a glimpse of what is to come below. The tape #PlayersLoveCycle is not out yet, however the visuals use parts of songs from the EP to allow give us a visualisation of Rizzy’s concept. I think this a brilliant idea as now I genuinely want to listen to the story unfold. It is set to be released on Valentines Day (14th Feb), you can actually pre-save it from now too. I do wish a happier ending than this for everyone participating in valentines day this year. Ill be watching from the outside, tryna get in.

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