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TV’s Top #CoupleGoals

Happy Valentine's Day Sistem fam! Love is in the air and apparently on our screens too. Here's a list of the couples that make Leah say "I'm trine be like youuuuu!"

Randall and Beth: This is Us

If you have ever seen a single episode of ‘This Is Us’ and Beth and Randall aren’t on your list you may excuse yourself now, and you may remove yourself from my life. Beth and Randall are the IT couple of ‘This Is Us’. Sure they’ve been tested, sure they’ve had their ups and downs but their love has endured ever since university and long may they remain undisputed couple goals. Its also helps that they are both objectively fit as f*** (but don’t get any ideas, that marriage is CLOSED baby).

Diane and Elliot Burch (aka Andrew’s parents): Big Mouth

I don’t want to be that creepy girl from school who is weirdly obsessed with a cartoon character but I have to admit I want what Diane and Elliot Burch have. They are my wholesome anchor in the storm of deeply inappropriate content that is ‘Big Mouth.’ One day I want the kind of romance that makes my kids cringe when we’re declaring our love for each other at the dinner table. They are a sex positive, overly supportive double act with an abundance of love to give – that’s iconic no?

Ruby and Stan Hill: Good Girls

If I’m being completely honestly Stan is the main reason these two have found themselves on this romantic little list. Ruby is a babe, her one liners and her loyalty to her girls – impeccable – but Stan really is the man. Stan is a ride or die, he will do anything for his lady and call me old fashioned but I absolutely love to see it. I goes as far as to say I am a Stan Stan.

Lisa and Ken Vanderpump: Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

 Technically an anomaly on this list as Lisa and Ken are actually real people (at least I think they are) and you know what? I hate myself for this one. Would I want them as dinner party guests? Nope absolutely not, couldn’t pay me to host them. But you’ve gotta give it to the pompous, problematic pair with a marriage that’s lasted over 40 years and has somehow endured the curse of the ‘Real Housewives’ cameras. You can always count on doddery old Ken to stick up for his terrifying wife no matter how utterly ridiculous she is being – we all need a person like that in our corner.

Sophie and Al: Stath Lets Flats 

In my humble opinion ‘Stath Lets Flats’ is the best British comedy on the TV right now (run don’t walk to 4OD to binge all three series). So I had to feature the cutest most innocent couple of all time on this list. I wouldn’t say they’re exactly the steamiest love birds in the game, in fact I only recall seeing them kiss once or twice but my god are they adorable. Whether it’s Al praising Sophie for her frankly abysmal singing voice or the fact Sophie believes Al is the funniest man in the UK, they’ve got that year 5 boyfriend and girlfriend energy that I live for.

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