Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s THAT Girl?] Anisha Joshi

For this edition of Who's THAT Girl? Yinka sits down with osteopath to the stars Anisha Joshi. Coming in at a teeny 5ft, dont let her small stature fool you; Anisha is a powerhouse in the world of spine and body alignment. Heading up her own clinic in central London, hosting classes with the Body By Ciara Squad and features on Capital XTRA, she is on the up and up. Solving our problems one hunched shoulder at a time.

Who are ya? 

I would like to start this piece by stating that Anisha is a babe, not only has she changed many a life with her back-cracking-wizardry, she offers practical and easy to follow advice on her instagram, which has been growing steadily over the last few years.
She has over 13 years experience as an osteopath and currently runs her own clinic in London, where she is now based full-time.

Anisha’s clients include mums, office workers and celebs alike

Osteopathy, as defined by the NHS website, is a way of detecting, treating and preventing health problems by moving, stretching and massaging a person’s muscles and joints. But it is much more than a cheeky massage at a nice spa, it is about the well being of your body. It’s about structure – if the frame isn’t strong, the body can’t be. “I’ve treated a range of people from different age groups and walks off life. From the athletes and pop stars and influencers to the stay at home mum and 9-5pm office worker.”

Anisha has a special way of working which makes people feel immediately comfortable, even while she is telling you that your posture really is the root cause of that dodgy knee. We all know that our bad habits and ability to just get-through even though something painful may be niggling at us, is part of the reason why so many of us require a little extra help. Anisha is that help, unlike traditional GP’s she identifies and treats the cause of the problem, rather that the symptoms. her aim is to make you well, not well enough, actually well.

How did you get here? 

It’s all about family in the Joshi household!
“So my parents collectively worked four different jobs to partly fund me through private school”
And this theme of hard-work getting results is something that Anisha has carried throughout her life. “Both me and my sister decided to go down the osteopathy route, because we loved helping people.”

After graduating in 2010 from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, Anisha traveled to Australia to “cut her teeth” in osteopathy. It was this experience that helped her make the decision to open her first clinic at the age of just 23. She hasn’t looked back, with over 10 years of helping people under her belt you could be forgiven for thinking that she is a bit weary! But just a peak at her insta story full of tips and tricks she painstakingly breaks down so that you and I can understand or a cheeky look at the ‘testimonial’ highlight on her profile will show you the difference she has truly made to the lives of those who are lucky enough to call themselves clients.

What sets you apart? 

“With names like Rita Ora, Vas J Morgan,  Courtney Black, Delilah Hamlin and Gem Whelan peppering my little black book of clients; I have quickly become one of the most sought after medical practitioners in the U.K.”
Big words but they’re backed up by the sheer amount of co-signs Anisha has. With a recent feature on This Morning, she is well on her way to making Osteopathy mainstream, not the first practitioner to do so, but definitely at the forefront flying the flag whilst consciously tailoring her treatments to the lifestyle of her clients.

Whilst her primary interest lies in sporting injuries, headaches and posture, her tips (as featured on Capital XTRA and her instagram) aim to make small effective differences to your life whilst being realistic about the time and resources the busy British public have.
Anisha puts it very well herself “my infamous personality and osteo tips have earned me international recognition and a name as one of the best in the business.” 

Anisha differs in her approach because she values empathy just as highly as experience, “imparting holistic, patient centred care lies at the forefront of my osteopathy practice.”

Next 5 years, where are ya? 

“I’m hoping to put Osteopathy on the map and encourage more people to move more.” 
Anisha and her sister have created a community which focuses on osteopathy and advocate collaboration as a profession.

And that is just the beginning, they foresee growth over the next few years with an aim to help the practises of osteopathy reach more and more people. Their different kind of approach to a practice that for years has been seen as something unattainable by the average Joe, really is making a difference. Anisha wants people to know that the practice of Osteopathy can be incorporated into your daily life and she is there to guide you, not as a last resort when you pull your back trying to pick something up that is heavier than your grandad, but as a way of living that centres wellness.

“We hope to see the clinics grow, and for us to be able to help support more people in their health centred life journey.” 

How do we find you? 
There are many ways that you can get in touch with Anisha:

The Osteo Allies group of clinics means you can see one of our highly skilled osteopaths in Surrey, Hertfordshire or Central London. Have a look for direct access to what is offered and to book an appointment.

Their flagship clinic is based at 4 Cavendish Square in Kensington, London. It has treatment rooms and a team of ten osteopaths. 

And for daily tips and tricks to help your back/ general health each day, give Anisha a follow on Instagram.

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