Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s THAT Girl?] Eunice Olumide, MBE

Eunice's credits include some incredible publications such as Dazed & Confused, New York Magazine, Vogue, Tatler, and Harper’s Bazaar. She's also walked, for designers such as Alexander McQueen & Mulberry. Our Yinka gets to know a little bit more about the one woman machine, who bosses absolutely everything she touches.

“A bit of a polymath I think, it’s in my nature!”
And that she is, to give you a laundry list Eunice is a fashion model, art curator, producer, writer, and actress.  And if all of that wasn’t enough she fills her spare time with hobbies that most of us would call pretty successful careers, Eunice DJ’s at music festivals and is an accomplished public speaker.

It should come as no shock that the ever articulate Eunice headed up her own show on BBC Radio called Music Match, “I produced the UK’s first ever podcast dedicated to women of colour on BBC Radio 5 – Sista Collective”
On it, she interviewed heavyweights in film, fashion and television.

And that my friends isn’t all, to be honest we could spend the entire interview defining exactly WHO Eunice is, but that is the beauty of her, she is everything.
She has worked to raise funds for multiple charities, she is an activist and campaigner and has even worked with the Centre for Social Justice and has spoken at the Houses of Parliament influencing the first ever inquiry into the impact of fast fashion on the environment. 


Eunice’s roots are firmly at home, which when you have reached the heights she has, must be tough.
“For me I wanted to just look after my family and make my mum proud.  I didn’t realise at the time, but I got to where I am by being uncompromising and unapologetically real.”

Remaining true to what she believes is a common theme in Eunice’s story, her first book How to Get into Fashion – highlights the tireless work in preventing exploitation, sustainability, and diversity in the Fashion industry. Not an easy feat for someone whose career began in the very centre of the industry.
“Following on from this, I created Next Generation Regeneration in 2019, curating exhibitions, talks and events at Tate Modern and The V & A, and had the honour of being the first ever Scottish Model to produce an on-schedule BFC London Fashion Week Catwalk Show.” 

The event took place at Lambeth Town Hall and included a full programme of presentations and Q & A sessions including Nish Kumar, Afuah Hirsch, Dennis Al Capone and Jamelia, to call into account the UK Government and highlight the Windrush Scandal.  A subject that is close to the heart of many Black british people.

“I always remain true to my beliefs and social consciousness is a huge part of what I stand”
And quite frankly, we believe her, Eunice is that special blend of woman who seems to truly know who she is.
“When you are truly in touch with yourself, the universe, the creator, and you live in your truth it means that your path may not be typical in any way.”  


“I think that my dichotomy background, education, unique life experience that spans continents gives me a 360 understanding of culture and society. “
Training to be more an expert in more than one thing helps too! Eunice agrees “when I go into a situation, I am not just seeing it from one side, I instantly put myself in both positions which enables me to understand, contribute and provide solutions.”


To say the sky is the limit, feels like we are putting a cap on the greatness that Eunice is set to achieve. She wants to open an art gallery, one with locations worldwide no less. And thats not all “I will have produced and directed several films and TV series, contributed to social policy in a meaningful way”

Eunice wants to carry on with writing, planning to start penning her autobiography, an the list goes on “[I will] be running my own social enterprise to support Afro-Caribbean businesses and communities, started my own fashion brand and of course I will still be modelling and booking incredible campaigns – and hopefully I will be a mum!”  


Twitter: @how2fashion

Instagram: @euniceolumide

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