Black British TikTok Stars You Need To Know

The Black British TikTok hall of fame is looking more crowded than ever, and we're pleased to report it's getting more and more full everyday with superstars literally being born overnight on the app.

@CatBurnss – Cat Burns

Speciality: Spine tinglingly gorgeous riffs and runs with her trusty guitar.

When you see Cat Burns pop up on your FYP (for you page) you can be certain of two things. Number one, the vocals will be soothing you into a peaceful state of mind in no time. And number two, the drip will be dripping. During the first lockdown Cat hopped on Tik Tok armed with a guitar and a head full of beautifully tender songs about love and heartbreak. The result? The internet fell in love with her cute relatable content, then they fell in love with her music and then…  she signed to RCA Records at the end of 2020. In her own words she’s ‘Helping you get through the shitty times one song at a time’ and for that we say, cheers Cat! 

@Ehiz – Ehiz Ufuah

Speciality: Enjoyment always, jokes always and aggressive gum chewing (almost) always.

Let me tell you, there is enough power behind Ehiz’s shoulder shimmy to kick start a serotonin boost on even the dullest of days. There’s no one doing it quite like Ehiz and in the words of Jay-Z numbers don’t lie. Me and 10.2 million others wholeheartedly agree that Ehiz is the man to follow. It’s hard to pin down exactly what he does other than make me cry with laughter. Is the crusty aunty wigs, is the eye bulging stare that just screams ‘are you not embarazzed?’ or is it just the joy of seeing a young black man being carefree and living authentically? Who knows, but whatever it is it works. 

@SimplySayo – Adésayò Talabi

Speciality: Hilarious spoken word performances transforming the mundane into something epic.

What we absolutely love about this queen is that we are watching her blow up as we speak. Having posted her first video on 23rd May 2021 (said video is now at 2.2 million views) she has already racked up 887.9k likes (and counting). As is so often the case with some of our fave parody comedians (i’m looking at you Munya) as funny as her work is… it kinda slaps!! Like, if I walked into a dimly lit underground jazz bar and saw @SimplySayo perched on a stool performing her infamous ‘Three Days of Sun’ piece, you would find me nodding my head and snapping my fingers enthusiastically. When you see that grey fur coat you know you’re in for a treat, so get double tapping!

@DreyaMac – Dreya Mac

Speciality: Dancer and genius choreographer with a healthy sprinkle of comedy. 

Even if the backdrop of her videos tends to be drizzly old England, Dreya Mac is like a ray of sunshine on my FYP and once she unleashes that one thousand watt smile then honestly the good vibes are blinding. Unlike some of our fave TikTok dancers Dreya Mac sets herself apart with her original and (in my case) inimitable choreography. But what I love to hate about Dreya is that more often than not she makes it look so damn easy. It only takes 3 minutes of trying to recreate Dreya’s work to realise that this is absolutely NOT the case. 

@GrubsWorkKitchen – Nathan 

Speciality: Mouth watering recipes made super simple but never ever EVER lacking in ‘FLAYVAZ’ (if you know you know).

Top tips: don’t watch Nathan’s videos on an empty stomach. Don’t watch Nathan’s videos if you know there’s only rice at home. Don’t watch Nathan’s videos if you’re fearful of flavour. Watching just one of Nathan’s videos will have your tastebuds doing back flips. Some stand out recipes include: Birria Tacos, deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls and honey jerk pork belly. Somehow Nathan manages to squeeze tonnes of info into 60 seconds often providing cinematic cheese pull moments and skin tingling ASMR friendly crunches. And did I mention his Derbyshire accent makes the whole experience even more charming?

@Manir4h_ – Manira 

Speciality: Iconic deadpan delivery and top tier clapbacks. 

Manira’s video popping up on my FYP restored my faith in the algorithm and made me think; you know what? Maybe the FBI agent tracking my phone knows what I want even better than I do. Manira has a way of telling even the simplest of stories laced with just the right amount of sarcasm to kick start your obsession after one 40 second video. I will not rest however until she drops the skincare routine ‘cos… flawless. Manira, we love you! 

Honourable mention also goes out to all of the black creatives killing it all over TikTok, I wish i had time to show you all some love including: No Limits Media AKA Moyo J Ajibade, VctrKnda aka Victor Kunda, ItsJustNiife, and the list goes on and on.

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