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[Who’s THAT Girl] – Everday FroDay

How do you embrace your culture? Meet Sade & Steph, who created Everyday Froday as a unique way of embracing, glorifying and highlightin their culture and community.

Who are ya?
Hello, hello! We are Sade & Steph! We are related so it’s a family affair over here and we’re all about embracing black, afro-caribbean culture through our clothing brand. For them, the best place to start was to reflect it in their actually name – together coming up with Everyday Froday!

#OTF (Only The Family)

How did you get here?
It really was a random phone call in 2018 from myself Sade (the Aunty) encouraging my niece Stephanie to start a small business together! Steph and I are super close and we come from a family of entrepreneurs, so it was very organic in the way we started. There’s literally motivation everywhere we look and on top of that we are both extremely passionate about being black and our community. ‘Everyday Froday’ is our public brand statement that everyday we are Black, proud and we purposely choose to move through life in a direction of joy! ‘Froday’ is taken from the word ‘Afro’, and to us, afro hair is a great signifier within & outside the community. It give connotations of legacy, confidence and warmth which everyone can relate too. Truth be told we find it somewhat therapeutic to work on something fun and empowering and it’s just a bonus that we are able to make money at the same time!

What sets YOU apart?
We are black, we are women, an aunt & niece dynamic & we are dedicated to documenting & highlighting black pivotal moments/meanings on print – which is single handedly one of the most effective ways to get your a message across to the masses.  From personal experiences we’ve had years and years of awkward experiences within the corporate world, experiences that were quite lonely and isolating so we wanted to change that environment for ourselves and create a lifestyle that means we and others we hire never have to go through that. Being unashamedly Black, we naturally empower others and our designs in a aim to invoke some meaning to the wearer. Whether it’s pride, acceptance or even if it just makes you smile a little, at Everyday Froday we see you. 

Next 5 years where are ya?
We have big plan and that simply means WE GLOBAL BABY! Everyday Froday will become the number 1 Black-owned premium casual clothing brand across the globe! People wearing and connecting with our brand in places we’ve never even been too… PERIOOOODDT!

How do we find you?
Website: www.everydayfroday.com Instagram: @EverydayFroday Twitter: @Everydayfroday Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everydayfroday/

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