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Remi’s Recognitions [4th May] // @LojayMusic // @MBrownOfficial_ // @BluesForTheHorn

ALL EARS ABOARD!!! Wouldn’t want you leaving this page without you’re gems now would we! I’m shedding a light on 3 artists who I believe deserve recognition for their art and ultimately deserve to be shared with you! Meet…


Every once in awhile you come across a song that you’re just like, this is soooooooo refreshing! This week, that moment came for me. MBrown freed the realness on this one and I felt that sheeet. I’ve literally listened to this song an umpteenth amount of times! I made it very vocal during the week, you can find the evidence below …


But it doesn’t stop there my people, nope! this song has INSPIRED my next tattoo!!! Yup, there’s a lyric in the song that goes ‘Some people dream but they don’t materialise’ so somehow and somewhere the words ‘dream’ & ‘materialise’ will be tattooed on my body this summer! Watch this space! Afro-fusion is my kryptonite and I want MORE! I’m following MBrown’s journey because I’m confident there’s enjoyment waiting for me on the dancefloor! Check out the visuals for some black boy joy through the streets of London! !


I’ve been a fan of Lojay tones since the likes of ‘Kuli Kuli’ & ‘Simple Matter’ days and on this new one he has proven again why he is one of the most versatile upcoming talents, his voice is needed in the afrofusion world. His tone is distinctive yet not limited. It’s a huge co-sign linking up with SARZ (On The Beat) & they came with straight elevating vibes! This sound is leaning toward Afro-R&B but it’s still different & ear opening. It’s a different angle to a rapidly growing genre & sound so i’m excited for them to stamp it in! This year the two will be releasing a collaborative EP about heartbreak and vulnerability – I’m a sucker for alla dattttt #emotionalwreck. As for Tonongo, it’s been added to my list of song to play when I get in a studio with some GOOD quality studio because i just know the production is going to punch me in the chest! They dropped some visuals too, hit play below.


First of all…I LOVE her name! Just from the off you can tell the category for the creation of her name was sprinkled with EFFORT! So I couldn’t just look past it so I had to find out what/if there was a meaning behind it and guys … its sooo cool



 ‘’Blues” refers to the first genre she fell in love with and chose to categorise her music in. “The horn” represents the Horn of Africa, which refers to Somalia, her origins.

But a bit more about this creative woman – Bluesforthehorn is a British – Somali Muslim representing East London. Hold Your Pace is my new fav phrase btw. I can just imagine myself saying this amongst my mates especially my mate who loves walking bare fast and my slow ass can’t keep up. But Yes, this is here latest single & if your looking for dulcet tones HOLD YOUR PACE – you’re in the right place! Her voice is extremely soothing and gives off the best result of a R&B song – FEELS. Get familiar with her voice but also hang on, because she’s going to second base!  BLUESFORTHEHORN’s second EP is set to be released later this year and rumor has it we are getting ‘evolved sounds with contributions to RnB and Jazz’. 

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