Remi’s Recognitions [4th May] // @thankyoumeka // @SpotlightFirst // @KvngsSound

Honorable mention ~ Tion Wayne & Russ Millions are about to be the first to ever have a drill song go Number 1. It’s slightly bigger that us, it shows the power of black culture so SUPPORT the tinggg & buy it via ITunes! #Body4Number1 🎉

Now back to business – we’re dipping into the afro & caribbean world this week! Some real nice feel good music for you to indulge in ….


I think I listened to song 100 times in one evening… at least that’s what it felt like. I think I almost shed a tear on maybe the 30th listen especially when Meka Luxx says ‘She used to flex like I weren’t good enough’ – whew, I felt that shit! aka I need to heal LOL. Anyway that’s not why we are here, genuinely this is really a feel good anthem. I literally want to scream be at on a party island, with my friends, unlimited drinks flowing, you know with those of who can swim diving in the water etc. You catch my drift – basically all i see a BLOODY GOOD TIME. Luxx, born and raised in Atlanta, now living in has refueled the engine with the versatility oil! I’m ready to see what’s next from the American connect.


If there’s one thing SpotlightFirst are going do, it’s put artist together that you would never imagine and make songs that you never knew you needed. I’ve got alot of time for S.F, they got good ears as they are known for their Dope Finds but mainly their dedication to championing UK black music culture online. SpotlightFirst have given us their second official release and they’ve joined three rising talents here in the UK to give us ‘Handle It’. Efosa, Donalee & J Kaz all teamed up to give us their unique flows and earn a spot in your ultimate good vibes playlist! This song smells like sun, sways and smiles.


‘OPOR’ is actually one of my new fav yoruba words so FYI if you name your song that, I’m defo going to hit play first of all. KVNGS is an exciting new talent who caught my eyes because he uses afro flavours to express his lifestyle. Usually on these type of beats you would chat about a gyal of interest, mandem of interest or more gyals (and that is NOT a complaint, word to Rema ‘I too like woman‘). HOWEVER KVNGS comes with the crud talk (sucker for some crud talk I am) and he makes it sound sweeeeeeeet i can’t lie. An angle which kind of gives him a USP, he has plans to build his name in the afrowave scene and this a promising start. Filled with friends & good vibes only check out the visuals below!

and as if that was all i had to offer – I’ve put it in a cute lil playlist for you.

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