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Remi’s Recognition [27th April] // @proph.17// @kidalpha_

April, you’ve been cute! Let’s round you off with some greatness.


You see this one hear, I was bare bopping along to the flow, the production on so much so I almost got lost in the sauce! Because the truth is there are punchlines are flying all over the place on this one! There are so many it will have you feeling bad for almost missing em’. Weirdly but also invitingly, over the lockdown Rap has become much more progressive here in the UK. Proph (previously known as Prophet) couldn’t of launched his rap career at a better time & just 18 years old he is also producing many of his releases. Naturally I went to look for more releases from Proph and I can say his consistent, I appreciate his approach to rap and definitely can wait to hear more from him. Check out his visual’s to roadside below, which acts as a beautiful ode to South East London aka where the g’s stay residing!!! Chuck in a Morley’s in there and boom, the representations on a 100.


A real feel good record, co-Produced by Omeiza and The BeatBangerand I can literally picture my own version of the video in my head and not at all shockingly i imagine colours, loads and loads of different ankara’s to be fair. Representing Afrobeats up in the midlands, Birmingham – the 20 year old sings ‘1 BILLION JUST TO WIFE YOU’… and it’s lyrics like this that just make me think love is really a robbery LOL I can’t help but think love really wasn’t this expensive back then? Word to Rihanna our parents really ‘found love in a hopeless place’ – take me to the 1980’s please! With all that being said I can imagine singing and swaying to this with a love interest. Kid Alpha is one of the few upholding afrobeats here in the UK, soon to trump the upcoming artist title as he continues to grow here.

Next week, we will all be recovering from the #BankHoliday. I’m whipping out the drinks for this one so I can’t promise the blog post will be in English however I will do my very best. Hope you have a blast my g’s – till next time on the episode of #RemisRecognitions.

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