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Remi’s Recognition [7th April] // @JVCKJAMES // @JazmineFlowers_ // @Chezeeko

I’m back and i’ve officially aged one more year (bitter, sweet tings), I got a new sofa that I’m scared to sit on and Iastly this week i launched my rap career! (trying to be good enough so I can write about myself on this column one day). Just trying to match the musical excellence that is sprayed these days – here’s a few that I’ve come across…


You can only GAIN from listening to this RIDDIM. It really does get better on every listen. JVCK JAMES is a gem residing in East London, we must PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS. Our very own male R&B soul-tie. You can just tell R&B is in his DNA – I imagine if you cut him open – each organ would look like the covers of some of the greatest R&B albums of all time or something. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Brown Sugar, Confessions, What’s The 411? That analogy is a bit mad but it makes sense in my head. He captures the 90’s era perfectly, in the video especially my man is giving us dance routine in a brown leather jacket and white singlet. It’s the EFFORT for me, it really goes a long way. This is the lead single off his 6 track debut EP – Joyride and this body work proves he is one of the most exciting new artists to be coming out of the UK.



Oh so Jazmine Flowers is basically me, wow. Awkward gang we FINALLY have an anthem in the R&B/electronic world. She goes…‘Try to shake my hand but I go in for a hug’. Oiii I might just attached this song to my CV. Because if you really wanna know the type of person i’ll be in the staff kitchen, just listen to this. Being ‘awks’ is a personality trait that many people can relate too and it’s nice to have a light hearted song to feel seen in. As Jazmine’s debut single, the relatability factor is already PINGING and maybe (just maybe) it’s because the 20 year old is from Brixton, South London – you know, aka the land of the greats. Don’t @ me please, you can argue with your neighbour. With that being said I look forward to more from the young G, i feel like she has more to say and give!


I don’t what it is about songs about money always sounding sweet on my chest when really i’m out here with pennies in the bank account, chasing overdue invoices. I’m really just tryna enjoy the fruits of my labour you know LOL. But anyway Chezeeko, ‘Money Man’ takes me back to a youthful time (I aint even that old but you catch my drift) when afro-bashment was prominent in all corners of life. The chorus is very catchy, bare opportunity to flash your rolex, loubs & balanceeeeiaaaaaga’s but more importantly for us brandless beauts you can defo catch a vibe to this one.

I hate faffin’ about looking for songs so I’ve curated playlist with all my recognised artist – it’s titled ‘Remi’s Recognitions 💡’ and it’s only on Spotify (atm).

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