Six Podcasts You’re Going To Love

Podcasts are everywhere and frankly you're not on the winning team if you're still avoiding them. Here's a list of Leah's current favourites.

Music is at the heart of my career, and yes of course there’s nothing quite like getting elbow deep in to a good album. But reader, if i’m being completely honest I am struggling to have a fulfilling monogamous relationship with music. If the question was proposed there is a strong chance I would choose to couple up with a nice little 8 -part mystery podcast rather than a 12 track musical masterpiece. Let me share some of my favourites that been keeping me company through lockdown.

You’re Wrong About

I came across You’re Wrong About (YWA) as The Crown series four had a bunch of us hooked, both ITV and Channel 4 had released Princess Diana documentaries and The Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Thee Duchess) announced her pregnancy. During this time I got stuck in to one of YWA’s fantastic debunking mini series. Five brilliantly researched episodes about the life and times of Princess Diana. But if the royals aren’t your thing then let the loveably goofy but ridiculously well researched hosts Michael Hobbs and Sarah Marshall tell you everything you never knew about The Stepford Wives, The Jonestown Massacre, Jessica Simpson and so much more!

Recommended episode: The Princess Diana mini series.

The Cipher

Gripping sci-fi audio dramas that don’t try too hard are few and far between and one with a feminist edge that centres around a young British woman of colour…. well it’s damn near impossible! That was until The Cipher came along. The Cipher follows 16 year old Sabrina as she tries to crack a cryptic parralax and runs in to a whole host of questionable characters. All ten episodes are totally binge-able, I think it took me a week to get through them. Speaking from experience the audio production is good enough to have you completely lost in the story. Hint: there’s no use listening while doing your big shop, you will get distracted and forget 40% of your shopping list.

Recommended episode: Start from episode one and enjoy the ride.

Sibling Rivalry

If the words “Sashay”, “Shantay” and “lip-sync” make your heart skip a beat and your palms a little sweaty then you must be a fellow Drag Race Stan. In which case I won’t need to introduce you to the living icons Bob The Drag Queen and Monet Xchange. Listening to these queens bickering about literally anything and everything under the sun is the escapism I crave. Like two aunties hyped up on ginger beer at a hall party they are never lacking in energy, gossip or hilarious one liners.

Recommended episode: The One About Fear.

Nice White Parents

From the creators of every self respecting podcast lover’s favourite podcast ‘Serial’ comes ‘Nice White Parents.’ This podcast offers a fascinating insight in to the perplexing world of the American public school system and what the host Chana Joffe-Walt describes as ‘arguably the most powerful force in shaping them: white parents’. Every episode will leave you shaking your head from frustration, but also shrugging your shoulders because the solution feels so painfully unclear. A great listen but a slightly depressing reminder that while segregation might be illegal, we haven’t come as far as we’d like to think from the days of the Brown vs Board of Education case.

Recommended episode: 1. The Book of Statuses.

Dear Joan and Jericha

Not – and I can’t stress this enough – for the faint hearted. These two fictional agony aunts played by Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine will have you laughing, cringing and at times heaving from repulsion at their oh so vivid and oh so crude anecdotes. Every episode is a masterclass good old fashioned piss take and I simply can’t get enough. There’s not a lot to say except hearing is believing when it comes to Joan and Jericha and for goodness sakes do not take a single piece of their advice.

Reccomemended episode: S2 Episode 6.

Black Gals Livin’

I’m a simple woman and it pleases my tiny pee brain when things do what they say on the tin. And that’s what Black Gals Livin’ does! Hosted by two hella chill hella funny women: Vic and Jas. They cover what ever is poppin that week from celebrity entanglements to reviews of our current Netflix obsessions. There’s something so infectious about their laughs and you always feel part of the joke. Perfect if Lockdown is making you miss your gals more than ever.

P.s. you may have noticed I didn’t include any true crime podcasts. That’s because my babe Yinka covered has already covered it. Check it out!

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