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Remi’s Recognition [22nd March] // @Tyla // @DDroid_ // @1ChrisWavey // @GloryNade

I’ve come across some amazing music! So today, I’m giving you one more than usual. All my recognitions can be found in a playlist via spotify, why? because I like to make things easier for people. I’m a pleaser, I can’t help it. Not Sorry. #ThankMeLater.


AMAPIANO. AMAPIANO. AMAPIANO. How many times did i call it’s name?

In African culture, if a relative calls your name three times it usually means your about to get a bollocking or a rant is coming your way. I can confirm the latter is about to land. I NEED you ALL to pay ATTENTION to this GENRE (for the love of God, or star signs or whatever you believe in). Originating from South African around 2012, it’s style of house music which incorporate jazz ‘s airy pads, percussions and synths. Whilst it’s pretty much a solid genre in South African it’s growth in other territories worldwide is VERY exciting.

Got there in the end… had to set the tone, now for the main event.

If you are new to the genre, i’d love to ease you in with a riddim called ‘Getting Late’ by Tyla & KoolDrink (best name ever btw) and even though Kool Drink doesn’t say a word his presence is felt all over the song with the sounds of a can opening at different parts of the song – simple yet effective! But yes, this is Tyla’s debut single as she is only 19 years young from South African, and she has successfully managed to give tip amapiano into a more international market. Essentially coming like a ‘chosen one’ to drive this sound to different places. << That’s more of my prediction and PRAYER but I’m confident! We do however have to salute the pioneers such as DJ Stokie, DJ Jaivane, Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa and many others! Amapiano songs are usually about 7 mins long , that’s the FULL experience – it’s a build up to the drop, then a warm down at the end. And for that reason it’s one of the reasons I’m BEGGING the DJ’s to not cut it short in the clubs. RUN THE WHOLE RIDDIM. Check out the amazing visuals below, fit for TV and overall the CHARTS!


One of the people who brought the entertainment to Season 2 of The Rap Game UK! DDROID is here with his first release of 2020 and he is giving BIG; energy, confidence, flows, melodies, hook, visuals. It’s a SOLID start. Talking about Stress, and it comes in all different forms, shapes and sizes so he talks about Money StressMusic Stress and Mrs’ Stress. Nigerian Born, and proudly reppin’ Brum Town, he was one of the contestant of The Rap Game UK who always stood out for me, now although he didn’t win the season – all the traits I listed above are things he has been consistent in. I know Ddriod has a story to tell and his versatility is what makes me excited – he can literally have my ears caz I’m listening and ready to hear how he is going to deliver it. I do hope his ‘paigon new girl’ is doing alright though? not sure if that’s another way form of tough love from the mandem but it’s a hilarious stray bullet . Just take him in, enjoy the visuals too.


Issa another debut! Not only is he sampling my favourite SZA record EVER but when Chris Wavey rap’s you LISTEN – don’t let anyone fool you, that is a hard skill to grasp. Cool. You’re listening and then he starts giving us the melodies. Yh hello, we have a winner. I had to share it. It’s the start for the Hackney resident but he has gained a fan. Also don’t know if i’ve ever said this but I LOVE LOVE LOVE when a song is name after a word that is only mentioned ONCE in the whole song – it just makes me want to know more about the artist.


Come thru Glorynade! You are WELCOME here. Beautiful voice, the soul, the harmonies, the passion, the emotion, the journey… Oiiii, wheeeeel it! << I’m fullying gassing myself whilst typing this LOL. You need to hear what I’m hearing people. ‘Tell Me’ is the East Londoners first single of 2021 in collaboration with the (semi ambiguous) producer duo The Heavytrackers. Glorynade isn’t new to the performing world, she’s done many underground shows including iLUVLIVE. The only thing that wasn’t missing in those audiences was ME. I am ready to soak up her vocals in a live setting just waiting for Boris to show us a bit of grace, decorum and stability.

Buck me here next week πŸ™‚ If all goes to plan we will be out of a lockdown, doing up outdoor gardens with 6 of our friends! After 1 whole year of officially being in a lockdown. Please don’t fuck it up, lets all wear our masks, sanitize every 30 seconds & keep 4 metres apart just to increase the chances!

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