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Remi Recognitions [25th February] @413_YP // @Dibo_Monday //@AvaZarate

Riddims incoming... brace yourselves!


I’ve been waiting to hear something refreshing in the drill world. I can confirm it has arrived. I was so tempted to hire a ZIPCAR just to listen to this with a disgusting bass HOWEVER it’s a recession so my headphones are going to have to do. This is real bop, coming out of East London 413, gave us Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde on Money Trees – two very different yet distinct voices appear. You’d think it’s two different people on the song, I literally had to watch the video twice to make sure I wasn’t losing it. Issa 2for1 – I’m black, grew up in ends haggling boss man for an extra plantain in the market & I know a bargain when I see one. He is LITT on both areas although I personally prefer his singing voice, it’s a real gem. This is only his second release since launching his career in Dec 2020. Let’s be honest 2020 was the year to just ‘DO IT’ and I’m happy 413 decided to! Check out the visuals below, there’s also a very short teaser to another single at the end of the video.


I mean the clue is in the name really. You think you hate Mondays? Meet Dibodry, surely no-one can hate Monday more than a guy who literally created a melodic and rhythmic amapiano anthem about his hate for Monday’? – that’s dedication to the hate. But it’s possibly also a fine example of how you can turn your hate into joy because if Dibodry dances to this song the way I do, does he really hate Monday’s? The thing is I  actually can’t relate to this situation, I’ve tried to physically hate Mondays like everyone else but and it just doesn’t hit me. I’m here for Monday’s people. Residing in Tanzania & set to release more music shortly I came across this single in a ClubHouse room I was guest moderating in last week (one of the beauties of the app, caz trust me that app has a wild side). Massive shout out to The Industry People for having me on & plugging me into such riddims. All jokes aside though, I’m assuming Dibo is on his way to work on a Monday in this video, if you’re looking for a dramatic way to get your manager to allow your working week to start on a Tuesday…. I think this might just be you’re solution.

Drink everytime Dibodry says Monday

AVA ZARATE – Thinking

At 19, Ava Zarate has delved into the art of singing, producing & mixing! (this is the moment you ask yourself, ‘damn – what the hell was i doing at 19’?). Ava has released a 5 track EP title What I Think About You that simply a soundtrack to the emotions you might feel for a special someone. It features two more young vocalists Fiizyy & Noah Terefe. I would recommend the listening to the whole tape because it you’re hit with Ava’s dreamy voice supported with soul, jazz and you will find appreciation of Ava’s production. Also whilst listening I got movie/series tracklist vibes. Idris Elba’s ‘Luther’ would be a great shout… I really do hope the BBC bring that show back, quality TV that was.

Riddim’s mate! If you want to feature you’re banger on here… > < is where you send them through to. Remember to send over links to video, mp3 files and a bit about yourself.

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