Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi Recognitions [February 16th 2020] @ShaSimone // @RgCxrlos // @SeyiKnight

I interrupt this message to wish our beautiful Editor in Chief & Co Founder @yinkabokinni a FABULOUS birthday! We (especially myself & @leahhdaviss) love you ever so dearly & wish you amazing day! MWAH xxxxx

Right, let’s get back to the matter at hand… 3 tracks to diversify your tastebuds & give you a glimpse of what’s talent is bubbling out there! If i’ve missed anything feel free to hit me up ><


It’s the entrance for me!!! The word play!!! The Woman In Power. ShaSimone launched her career last year during the panoramic with freestyles via instagram. I remember leaving ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯’ emoji’s thinking ‘Yoooo this really is the year for women in rap’! Repping East london & Ghana the 24 year old who has been writing poems since the age of 16 however it has slowly progressed into Rap. Fast forward to 2021 we are now on her second single & safe to say it’s getting more & more exciting! With visuals to match, the storyline of the video draws you in from the start >> don’t you love likkle likkle scenario flowing in the start of a video? a bit of character building? I didn’t expect the ending lol a quick reminder to the mandem that the gyal dem also have goons? – i hear that! Hit play on the video for some fun.

‘Big Ting’s Yh I Like It Supersize’


I’m starting a petition to show Afroswing the love it showed us back in 2015/2016 … those elite times need to come back & it’s artists like RG are the reason why I think I will have a great case in court btw. It must be something in the water in East London or maybe it’s just the fact they have a Westfields & DLR trains. Who knows? but the sauce is really dripping over there. Don’t get it twisted RG has had riddims, these tones have been serenading since Tequila ! 4 Singles later and RG proves why we need to keep an eye on his journey. The foundation is being set & I’m following the bricks. Want to see the vibes RG intended? Check out his performance of My Type (there’s a few skanks included). Honourable mention to Breaking Notes too, it’s really easy to get lost in their rabbit hole because them man over there are producing some QUALITY content! Love it guys, you are needed!


First of all,

The space I left above there ^^ was a little time for you to deep the greatness you are about to here. Residing in France, Seyi Knight creates a trance infused anthem that I can literally here on Radio X, Euphoria & the biggest teen movie that may come out in 2021… I kid you not that’s not the biggest flex. HE IS ONLY 15. Billie Eilish come get your mate, expeditiously…

I think this song has the power to be a viral hit, TIK TOK will eat this ALIVE. I’m excited to see this evolve into the hit that it is. And with that being said I gotta go, I’ve got a tiktok to perform .

I leave you with enjoyment, same time next week yeah? Stay safe!

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