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Remi’s Recognitions – @MadzHalfLife | @FemiTahiru | @BeattieHill [2nd February 2021]

We’ve hit the month of February ( I spelt that wrong bare times & auto correct didn’t help the one time I needed it)! Anyway don’t know who needs to hear this but… ‘Valentine is coming oh, Valentineeeee’. << I laugh at this embarrassingly because as someone who is bae-less, I’m counting down the days to a sharp pain in my chest – when really it should be sharp butterflies in my belly.


CORE BLIMEY! The marination between Madz, the backing vocalist, the production and the honourable Saxophone solo – ah this one is SAUCY O. As valentine’s day is approaching – great time to sprinkle slightly toxic hood love on your playlist. Love varies sha. The one liners in this be punching though, ‘If looks could kill, she’d be Ted Bundy’. Just from listening you can hear the charisma in Madz’s delivery. I’m here for it & the collaboration on the production between Producer Boy and QisRetired – whoever is on the guitar? whoever is on the saxophone? I SHARP SALUTE you. None of this should be a shock though, Madz is actually a former MOBO ‘One To Watch’ πŸ‘€ FYI I’ve just put my glasses on for dramatic effect, I will be watching and also I will be swaying with a hint of whining in my room to Small Sacrifice.



All jokes aside, the replay value on this is alarming! As well as having my full attention, i also feel lost whilst listening to ‘Signs’. Femi Tahiru’s is stealing souls people, capturing both R&B & the soulful elements of music – his music is present and emotive. I’m a fan and I really enjoyed the lockdown video too – very simple, law abiding and hilarious – it’s the red phone for me. Imagine if we had to roll with them phones – i promise you instagram would be a thing of the never.

when you can feel it’s one more ring away from voicemail… Femi Tahiru – Signs


There’s something about listening to this at 6am that’s hit different! On my one hour of exercise – a – day – walk that Boris Johnson ‘graced’ us with it really gets you thinking. I’m sure this is what West London’s Beattie intended and I am here to listen. ‘Lucky’ is a heart felt ballad that speaks to the ‘glad I dodged that bullet’ narrative but also ‘I miss you, even though I really shouldn’t’. Yo Beattie is only 21 years of age and she’s FREEING THE REALNESS. I appreciate it, i’ll be waiting for more because I’m sure she will be dropping hella soundtracks to the joy & mess that life can bring.

Don’t forget I’ve put all these bangers into a playlist for you via Spotify. All you gotta do it follow first, then hit play πŸ™‚

If you think your best friends, cousin’s neighbours, baby mother is a SICK rapper (or a similar scenario) and deserves to be recognised – I want to know. Give them my email πŸ™‚

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