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Remi’s Recognitions @ScribzRiley | @MeronAddisMusic | @ThatBoyNu [ 27th January 2021]

I know some of you were clearing up space in your playlists for that new Drake album… but fear not, whilst OUR goat (yes OUR) recover’s I have 3 songs that can fill in the space #thankmelater! A couple wise memes once said something along the lines of, in this it’s give & take… gbas gbos gbos gbas’ and I couldn’t agree more soo with that being said this aint a one sided relationship here – send me bangers too (please and thank you) upcoming artists, established artists, your guilty pleasures, the whole lot >>> aka ‘where the money reside’ *clicks fingers*


RIDDIM ALERT. It’s the Meron Addis & the guitar fah me!

The replay value on is literally screaming ‘add me to your about to fall for them in 5,4,3,2,1′ playlist. The British – Ethiopian songstress has clearly written about a love interest but i honestly can’t relate so I’ve just decided to absorb the song in what I intend to do when we buss case and they free us from the umpteenth lockdown. I will definitely be picking up where I left off … in the clurbsssss Periodt. Anyway my loveless love life aside, I love this riddim. I can literally imagine the words Meron spills, I’ve fully made up the official video in my head – incase your wondering, it’s an extremely happy ending 🙂


‘OK Google, FULL VOLUME PLEASE’! Issa Big Tune! SWEET as ferk, goes very well with them sweet sways too! The Canadian – Nigerian artist Nú Baby is an exciting talent (👀) with plans to represent the Afro Pop & Afro-fusion world. Within 30 Secs this song was already added to my Afrocrayzii playlist via Spotify (quick plug & i’ll do it again if the moment permits). ‘Obodo Gidi’ reminds of a very interesting house party I attended in Nigeria with my cousins. Great party, all I’m going to say is I was too innocent to be there but if there’s one thing i took away from it was that I should give up my passion for being a table tennis champion. I thought I was sick, I was quickly shown otherwise. Nú Boy is exciting and in a few months we should be getting an EP titled ‘Can You Hear Me’…

I can’t wait but in the meantime, I shall indulge in his recent double release titled Two For You.


This is more of an ‘Honourable Mention’… You should’ve already come across this song but if you haven’t your life is about to be seasoned. His name is Scribz Riley and I’ve. listened to this song over 100 times in the last… TWENTY FOUR HOURS! It’s called ‘Mandy’, it came out a while ago – it banged then but for some reason it’s punching my soul these days. I could stand in the middle of a busy junction and sing this song with my eyes closed and hope for the best. Dramatic, I know but don’t tempt me. Man said ‘ I didn’t wanna say it but, were going different places’… bruh you don’t even have to relate, to relate? Crazy! Mr Riley is also the man behind many of your favourite hits btw, yup – Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/Producer. He has written/produced for the likes of J Hus, Teyana Taylor, Cardi B, H.E.R, Chris Brown? Yh this flex is LOUD steeeeeeeel. However he went down the solo artist route ( forever grateful btw) and launched his debut project titled : ‘Wish Me Luck’. Stand out project of last year too! I can’t believe it’s an EP tbh, imagine what his album will sound like?

Till next week friends…

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