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Remi’s Recognition [18th Jan 2021]

2021 is that you yeahhh?! Can i still say Happy New Year ??… Anything goes when your still in a panorama but if there’s one thing I’m grateful that lockdown hasn’t shegged, is my ability to find new music. Of course it would be easier if I was out at a sick event or at a friends house and I could just shazam a banger as I heard it – that would be splendid >>> however I have to settle for my screen time being up by 126% week on week just scouring the internet for talent, the things I do for the love of music aye!


Gabzy fuels my toxic side and personally i’m ALL the way here for it. One of the most exciting talents to come of out of the UK in the last year, especially known for putting the nations children in their feelings. ‘As Friends’ is his latest single off his brand new 5 track EP – Malone. I love the concept of this tape as it speaks on the different type of feelings that people experience when dating. As Friends is extremely self explanatory, as he talks about the perks of benefiting from relationship activities without the responsibility of actually being in a relationship. Gabzy executes a beautiful example of how hurtful honesty can be, furthermore he delivered it in an uptempo & enjoyable way (courtesy of the production legend, melvitto). However DON’T let the lyric’s go over your head. And to help make sure this doesn’t happen a lyric has been provided. Learn the words! I WILL be judging you if you’re screaming out the wrong lyrics in front of me….


You don’t know pain till you’re card declined in the 99p store so trust me when I say there is nothing more triggering that being asked to ‘check your balance’ however you know what, I wasn’t too offended on this occasion. I mean how could i when it was being delivered so smoothly by Curtis J & Tomie Boy. The dance routine went viral months before the song came out & rightfully so because the hype matched the official release. Produced by the multi-talented Curtis J & AB it is sprinkled with good vibes and it’s common knowledge that if the clubs were open – this would be a party starter! It’s cool though, we will add it to the extremely LONG list of songs I will be lining up outside the club just to pop bottles (aka i’m defo on a shot of vodka balance ) to!. Check out the visual below, but most importantly learn the dance because we will meet on the dance floor one day.


The British-Nigerian duo S-WAVE had the Yoruba sounding extra sweet on ‘Lingo’ which is off their brand new EP called The First Wave. I feel joyous listening to this! It reminds me of a good day out, like a get together where everyone is catching cruise & bussing jokes but in the corner there’s a few people who have specifically come to find a bae (nothing wrong with this btw lol, purpose is good). Dami Bones brought the ginger on production & this promising duo reciprocated with sweet bars trying to win over the girls by finding our their ‘love’ language.

This may come across selfish, and it might just be my intentions but of course #respectfully. Bless me with your bangers via – am asking forrit, am dying forrit (click here for context, top 10 meme of all time). See you in my inbox πŸ™‚

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