Online Shopping: Do You REALLY Need That?

Fast fashion is both a consumers dream and nightmare, is it truly possible in 2021 to blindly buy with absolutely no accountability? Sistem contributor Afua digs into the true price of fast fashion and offers some alternatives that may help reduce the moral sting

I know, we’re in a pandemic and besides WFH, our daily walks (or biweekly, whatever) and binging Netflix, there isn’t an awful lot to do.
And with brands upping their online sales game due to physical shops not being open, it’s easy to get sucked into buying all sorts, like a pair of faux-leather knee high heels that you won’t be wearing anywhere except from your living room to the kitchen.

“COVID-19 is the biggest danger at the moment, make no mistake about that, but we can’t forget that our environment is still suffering too”

Of course, treat yourself to that new dress that you’ve already planned to wear when this whole Corona thing has died down (I have). But with fast fashion companies churning out already cheap clothing at discounted prices, I’d like you to ponder a few things before making that purchase.

Has it been sustainably or ethically made?  

COVID-19 is the biggest danger at the moment, make no mistake about that, but we can’t forget that our environment is still suffering too. Fast fashion currently makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, thanks to its CO2 emissions, water wastage and the mass dumping of clothes all over the world.

You also have to bear in mind the people who made that bodycon dress you’ve got your eye on. Think about it – if Pretty Little Thing are only charging 9 pitiful pennies for a garment (like they were during Black Friday), how much money could the person who made it possible be getting?

Luckily, more and more people have been made aware of the damage this sector is causing and are demanding more transparency when it comes to where and how clothes are made.


Picture the scene: Hermes has arrived with that parcel you’ve been peeking out the window for since the moment you made that order from that fast fashion brand. You open it up and wow, it’s the skirt of your dreams. You pull it up over your hips, ready to feel like Riri in the ‘Rude Boy’ music video and *RIP*. A few stitches come undone. Okay, let’s just do this up- *CRACK*. The zip has gone. And now you can’t even send it back, so guess what? On the “clothes I’ll never wear again” pile and eventually, in the bin. Like my parent’s used to say – “buy cheap, buy twice”.

One way to combat the overflow of landfills is to simply give things away. To you it’s unwearable, but to someone else, it’s a fashion project that can be used to make new designs.

But to avoid this completely and to make sure you get your money’s worth, always check what fabrics are used. It may cost that little bit extra, but you’ll be wearing it for a lot longer.

Is it just a trend?

Remember when bedazzled jeans and Uggs were a thing? I don’t want to but unfortunately, I do. The point is, don’t buy things because that is what you’re being bombarded with at the moment (mesh dresses, I’m looking at you). Buy because YOU think you look good in it now, not because of what you could look like.

Source: BBC News

Can you find the same style from a Smaller Business?

During this crazy time and now being plunged into our third lockdown, there’s no better time to support small and local businesses. Do that extra bit of research. If there is a style of earring that you like, I can guarantee you someone will be making them just as well, if not better in their own home.

*Forest Gump voice* And that’s all I have to say about that.


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