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A Few Times Beyoncé Was Better Than Your Favourite Rapper

The world is always hungry for another Beyoncé playlist and that is just what Yinka is bringing to Sistem. Specifically, this is a playlist dedicated to the times that Queen Bey put a track to BED as a featured artist. So sit back, do your vocal warm ups and get ready to be reminded why Beyoncé is all THAT

The world doesn’t need yet another uproar on the subject of Beyoncé, nor do we need yet another argument about what she can (or can’t ) do. For the sake of the argument I refuse to have; I sit firmly on the side of accepting that Queen Bey is all knowing and struggles to put a foot wrong. Whilst her abilities seem to know no bounds (bar acting, sorry but let’s be honest with ourselves) there is one thing Bey does incredibly well and that is lend herself to a cheeky 16 on another’s song.
You see, Beyoncé transcends what it is to stay in ya lane and has always decided how and when she would use her voice. From a completely random refix of 50 Cent’s debut single to jumping on the Savage remix and reminding us all why we should never attempt to forget in the first place. This playlist is full of the unexpected, the wonderful and the iconic and mostly it is full of the times when Beyoncé absolutely came for the necks of song she featured on. Bon Apetite!


When Beyoncé jumped on the remix of Meg’s “Savage” we weren’t sure. Even though Bey has proved that she can get down and dirty, joining Miss Good Knees was a definite step UP.

Love in this club

I would like to know where Beyoncé was when she decided that she would jump on this tune and give us vocals for days, because THAT was a good day. THAT was a good decision.

Feeling Myself

Another example of Bey teaming up with a bad b and coming out ON TOP. This collaboration brought two powerhouse fan bases together and gave us instagram captions that are still relevant in 2021.


This would be random if it wasn’t Beyoncé. I am not sure if anyone could step up to Lady Gaga when she was at her prime and delivering the BANGERS but as always our queen holds her own and steals the show because that is just what she does.

Put it In A Love Song

For some reason hardly any of my friends had heard this song when I showed them the snazzy playlist I was compiling for this. It just goes to show that not everyone who learnt the dance to Single Ladies is a true Beyoncé trooper. If you aren’t particularly familiar with this song it’ll be because it is an Alicia Keys album track and never released as a lead single. You are welcome x

Perfect Duet

I mean, where our Queen met the King of guitar strings we have no idea. But the fruits of their labour gave us the *perfect* first dance at many a wedding. This song made it abundantly clear that genre is but an afterthought when Beyoncé picks her riffing partner.

Top Off

I’m sorry but how can Beyoncé be on a song with Jay Z AND Future and still come out as the victor?? it should be possible but it happened and we got this banger. Beyoncé rapping isn’t something we get everyday but when we do? ISSA TREAT.

In Da Club
This isn’t one that you will find on Spotify *sobs up a storm*
I spent quite a while searching and when I couldn’t find it, thought that I had imagined this masterpiece! Turns out it DOES exist but we will have to settle for a YouTube rip

Listen to our Beyoncé slay each and every feature in our playlist below and comment any we have missed out!


  1. Her second verse on Apeshit was the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw this headline! I haven’t heard a rapper go that hard in a while, even Jay said she went crazy

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