Sistem: AMPLIFIED Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s THAT Girl] The Winners

To mark the end of 2020 we launched Sistem: AMPLIFIED, our way of giving back to the womxn who have kept us going these past 12 month. You came through in your literal thousands to vote so it's only right that Yinka tells you a bit more about the winners in a Who's THAT Girl? Special. Enjoy x


I don’t remember a time when I didn’t follow her on instagram, so in effect I don’t remember a time when I didn’t deep belly, tear forming in the corner of my eye, send to all my mates laugh at least once a week. Faceinthenews seems like a naturally shy girl, from what I have seen of her she is most comfortable in her room making the content we all devour like scavengers. From sketches worthy of Saturday morning telly to song parody’s and IG lives full of improv it is no surprise that she was your content creator of 2020.

In a world where we are all spending so much more time plugged into our phones and the internet, the content creator has become the new celeb. From “story times” with Nella Rose to Molly Mae’s insane giveaways & Jackie Aina’s constant ability to look flawless even during a Global pandemic, we have our hands full. But it is the new relatable type of creator that has begun to shine through, the one who reminds you of your sister or best mate and that is what sets Faceinthenews apart

Follow her for the ingenuity of her page


Kaylee Golding AKA Gyal From Brum has really taken 2020 by the cojones and made it her own. By day she is a *multi* award winning DJ and presenter: she has worked for the likes of Kiss Fresh and Reprezent radio, with a BBC 1xtra Boxing Day show on the schedule this Christmas, surprisingly though, isn’t this very impressive resume that made her your Sistem: AMPLIFIED winner for Game Changer of 2020.

Kaylee’s work in diversity in radio that makes her shine out, that sets her apart form being just another broadcaster. She is a huge advocate for the Radio Silence movement and is voice that is constantly rising above others when it comes to getting more Black people through the doors of broadcasting. Kaylee goes above and beyond what is required from her, someone who is still very much striving toward making her own dreams a reality.

Follow her for her smile and her refusal to quit


Just Geen is more than just another PT trying to get you to try working out at home whilst we are in the grips of the gyms opening and closing every other day. If you need fitness inspo, tailored exercises and body goals to boot then yes, Gina is your girl but to the voters of Sistem: AMPLIFIED she defines what it is to create your own lane and proceed to slay in it.

The Out The Box award is designed for the women who don’t necessarily get the flowers they deserve and when we look at the criteria: going above and beyond in business, using their platform to create something special; Gina ticks all of the boxes and more.

Your Amplified OTB winner is honest (yes the “how to lose belly fat” video shouted at me!) She is innovative and she is inspirational.

Follow for fitness and health tips, stay for the best reels ever

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