Features Sistem: AMPLIFIED


As this long, confusing and inexplicably stressful year finally draws to a close we have decided to show a whole lot of love to your favourite Womxn of 2020. We are asking who you want to amplify through our brand new awards 'Sistem: Amplifed'.

It could have been your favourite podcaster, journalist, sports person, artist, volunteer, broadcaster, fundraiser… ET bloody C! Someone who has been a tiny little flicker of light in what has been a pretty damn dark year. And when we asked for your suggestions on our socials, you replied in your droves. Thank you for making our job so difficult!

We will be amplifying three wonderful womxn in total and we cannot wait to see who you pick, because ultimately the decision is yours. Pick wisely! You can only choose one name per category, so don’t delay and let us know who you want to Amplify this year! (Voting closes December 20th 2020)

Content creator

2020 has been the year that the content creator has COME THRU, whether it be podcasts, vlogs or good old-fashioned instagram goals, vote for who you want to amplify this year in the CONTENT category.

Game Changer

To say that this year has been one of change is a huge understatement. 2020 forced us to grow outside of what we became comfortable with and we want to know who inspired you the most. Whose words and ACTIONS left you speechless?

AMPLIFIED: Outside The Box

Defined as someone who has used their platform for something special or a womxn who gone above and beyond in business. ‘AMPLIFIED: Outside The Box’ is a chance to celebrate those whose names are overlooked, but are Womxn who are exceptional daily

The vote is now close, stay tuned for the winners of Sistem: AMPLIFIED


  1. Words from a black woman!
    Love your positivity and your strong personality!….
    I love your encouragement and empowerment for all women.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration on meπŸ™πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

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