Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognitions [11th December 2020]

I put out a call for the ladies in the music world to slide in my emails with songs that they would call bangers! Get ready for the three up & coming ladies you might wanna add to ya playlists!

Don’t know who needs to hear this, but don’t forget to Top up your oyster card. You’re going down South of the river. Yes, the women all happen to be from South London, I swear I didn’t plan it but I definitely ain’t mad it – on the south side of London we stay lit & talented.


I guess the real question now is, what lengths are you willing to go for sweet sweet love? Are you willing to walk from Shepherds Bush to Croydon? There’s levels to this love ting, it’s not just ‘sweet love’ we’re talking about – it’s sweet, sweet love – that real life glucose love. UK R&B Songstress Amia Brave might be able to help. She starts off with ‘say less, do more’ and at that point you just have to wheel up the bludclart!! I felt that lyric in my little toe, deep it, from my ear’s down to my little toe and as a 6ft 1 individual it’s an even longer way down. Personally I’ve turned my notifications on so I can get first dibs into anything and everything she releases in 2021.


Nashrene gets very specific with her requests in ‘Dream Boy’. I definitely get the feeling of escapism with the paino’s and 808s in the production. I feel like like all the worries in my world are on hault, and I’m giving the trance feeling it’s time to shine. If I had myself some mood lights, i’d set it to purple or red and I don’t even have to tell you what playlist this would sound great in πŸ‘€ 🀝


First of all, 21 Year Old Yas VW has one of the the best insta bio’s ever – ‘Healing You With Harmonies’! But more importantly she linked up with US R&B artist Jacob Latimore to give us an uplifting, motivational, backboned anthem. Song’s like this are the reason I can say I re-found my love for ‘duets’ in 2020. Growing up, having both perspectives on a song always added just that lil bit more flavour. We need more duets in 2021 please and thank you!

I’m glad this week was specifically focused on women in music, who knows WHEN or IF I would ever have come across these bangers?! The thought of it not happening distresses me. Keep sending in your songs, your friends song (a real one) or just a song you think I’d like. I’m here for the bangers (only) please.

>> << is where to find meh.

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