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4 Men You *DEFINITELY* Encountered During Lockdown

Sistem contributor Thandie has something to share, something to get off her chest about this year! Navigating the dating landscape was tricky enough BEFORE being in the grips of a global pandemic and now its time for you to sit back and get ready to cringe, giggle and feel more seen than you ever have before as Thandie introduces you to all of the men you've probably met in 2020

Alexa, play “Off Of You” by Summer Walker.

2020 has been full of surprises, ups and downs and a whole rollercoaster of emotions. We’ve watched couples we thought would be together forever break-up and we’ve watched others fall in love – due to being stuck inside together. Lockdown was a LOT.

As single twenty-something, 2020 has taught me (and a whole bunch of other singletons) a lot. A lot about relationships and the value of exes, situationships, talking stages, general f*ck buddies and everything in between, all whilst in the midst of a global pandemic – who’d have thought? 
I am ready to confess and divulge all the different temptations and down-right confusing situations myself and my friends have found ourselves in this year, and there have been a few. All while trying to keep to Boris Johnson’s social distancing rule, respectfully. 

On these COVID streets, we could have never anticipated exactly what was going to happen. Here we were fresh out of 2019, so full of hope and expectations and probably still trying to maintain our new year’s resolution. Some of us probably met “Mr Arranged Marriage”. He was right, he really was. He was filled with 2020 expectations. Perhaps some hopes and dreams of leaving the streets, some brunches and maybe even Afro Nation? Just like your plans to shake your booty in the sun- everything fell to pieces. Lockdown happened, and He probably stopped texting you. Or perhaps  you realised that he was more of a prop in your 2020 dream, rather than essential to your overall life goal. 

Then came “Mr Long-Distance”. Boy, did you sell each other dreams. Being in-doors made you dream of other places beyond your home-town. He was also in lockdown so it was two dreamers selling each other…fluff. Both of you were bored, clearly. Will you be surprised when the world opens up and he shows his true colours? He’ll probably tell his friend he’d never touch “further than an hour” meanwhile you planned a whole life in another city. Damn. 

The curse of the returning ex. Lockdown must have been hell for him. It really left him to think, to gather his thoughts…to stalk your socials. He was bored, sis. And again – so were you. You guys never wanted each other and being stuck in made you think you did. Keep the same energy – block him. 

And what about “Mr Hopeful”? Well, he was the dream of love beyond lockdown. You needed to feel loved post-lockdown (for the short seconds you were in tier 2). You needed to be held, let’s not lie that bedroom started to sound like a barbershop, no? Face it sis, you met him on House Party at 2am – and just like that app…your relationship ain’t coming back.

As we come out of a second lockdown, with 2021 on the horizon and a potential vaccine looming over our heads; some of us are tentatively hopeful about what the new year will bring. Will it bring DLT Marbella? What about “ayyying” in clubs freely whilst pushing through the crowd to meet your girls on the dance floor? I’m not sure, but we go into it a whole lot wiser because in terms of love & relationships? 2020 has been a decade.

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