Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognition [13th November]

Anyone else believe in that Friday the 13th stuff? I don't but then i also do but either way music affi get recognised, the tunes affi get spun.

Clocking you all in on three very different sounds this week – take your pick(s)..


Deep it, this is Tommy Saint ‘s debut single & he came with fire & a refreshing video! From the delivery, to the visuals you can tell he came to make noise. I personally need to hear this song, live in the flesh. I’ve already come to terms with the fact a 20 year old from North could cause me to loose a loc or two. Man said ‘take two steps to the left, then two to the right just to make it look even’ – I mean you’re defo going to end up in the same spot you started in but it’s the taking part that matters people. More importantly it’s a dance move I can definitely get involved in. Simple, yet suave. Come through Tommy Saint! Check out the visuals below.

dexter – SAME WAY

One of the most relazing voices I’ve heard in a long time. dexter at the age of 17 is set for a promising career ahead of her. Bring back live music for real because ‘I don’t even know why you’re always on my mind’ hits differently when you can relate *clutches chest*. Short & sweet yet powerful. Just as you may start shedding a tear, the song finishes, in other words : get a grip, nip it in the bud, chin up. I’m not mad at it, caz i’m not tryna look unstable of these streets, I have a reputation to protect…

but this is definitely me at my local bus stop…

But she better keep them coming!!! I’m excited to hear more from the young Queen.


It’s Enigma with the indomie noodles! As if it ain’t sweet enough, it get’s a lil sweeter with this playing in the background! Trust me, i’ve tried it. But all jokes aside where was Enigma when all I was ate for week’s on end at University was Indomie ?! This song defo would of made the cooking process less depressing caz trust when it’s all you have to eat, you gotta get creative. He has partnered with Indomie to bring a #IndomieChallenge – it ends this Sunday! (22nd) Get involved! £150 cash prize & of course a boxes of indomie.

You’re reading the article of a genre – fluid babe, just here for a good time – I want to here good music – if your friends, cousin’s baby sister’s boyfriend older sister has a litt song I wanna flipping hear it – SHARE IT. >>> MUSIC4REMI@GMAIL.COM <<<

p.s it doesn’t have to be that particular scenario – I just hope you caught my drift.

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