Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognition [23rd October]

Random, but incase someone out there needs to know - we have 59 days till Christmas.


Man said ‘How can man put trust in you when you know there’s money to make and you still gon’ turn up late’… SPEAK. J-Racks, SPEAK!! Coming thru with a self explanatory anthem, literally telling you what he hates! After hearing this , lol I genuinely believe everyone should have their hates listed down in song form.


*WARNING* once you hear Phrann sing the word ‘obviously’ you might never go back to how you used to say it. ObviousLAY. Repping Camden, Phrann made a feel good track, one that requires a drink in one hand and the other around the shoulder of mate. I imagine ‘Obviously’ will ring off and be best enjoyed amongst a group of friends especially the chorus. I just envision good times when i’m listening to this! Hit play on the visuals if you don’t believe meh.


Apollo Blockboy hailing from East Side of That London joined up with his band Blockboy mates 5ive Blockboy and ¥en Blockboy. I don’t know why, but I drew for the dab a lot whilst listening to this! The I appreciated the production on this – can definitely catch me flinging my locs about to this one.

If you think you’ve got something new, fresh and different – send it over! Get creative with the subject line too via

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