Music Remi's Recognitions

Remi’s Recognition [16th October]

If you reading this, i'm 98% sure you have a song that you think deserves recognition - don't be stingy mate, share it! I'm all ears - all three of them >> <<


Ladies!!! We have another anthem. An anthem that will require good knees. I don’t even have good knees but I’d risk going out in pain for a good time to be honest. Charmaine is a promising new rapper from Toronto, Canada. If there’s one thing Toronto residents come with, its difference. The message within her debut single ‘Bold’ is GASSY!! Watching the video, I was defo flicking my locs & tucking it behind my ears, if i wore lip gloss i’d be applying it too. She encourages us to be firm, confident and bold in all that we do. A powerful black woman coming through to empower in the form of party anthem? I STAN. WE have no choice but to stan. Add her to you playlists, share it with the girls but also watch the video!


If there’s one thing we all have a little more of these days, it’s TIME. So you know I’m the club when everyone is doing a dance routine that you never had time to learn?! No excuse. This one comes with a dance routine and I suggest you learn it caz I, along with many others will be brucking out in the middle with our cool dance. Courtesy of the smoothest afrobeats dancer in the game. I said what I said. Kwamz (of the duo Kwamz x Flava) has blessed us with a solo new single ‘Ronaldo’. One of the few who helped bring Afrobeats to the full front of our everyday life, has given us a riddim that allows us to be free whilst dancing! There’s only one criteria when dancing to this tune – dance with sauce.


Personally, it’s the numerous flows for me! I think there’s a flow for everyone on there. A couple short stories in there, my favourite short story is when Big Tefs says ‘bro said you looking rough, he came and he dropped me a 100 man”! Because first of all, shout out the bro’s for being attentive & secondly shoutout the bro for being supportive.


The first time I came across Tefs was during his electric performance at a gig I hosted alongside Alexbasz called #UnderTheSpotlight. His energy is contagious and I remember leaving wanting to know more. I can confirm I can’t wait to see him perform this – one day. FREE US!

We go again next week…

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