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Remi’s Recognition [9th October]

Good music deserves to be shared - I recently had an impulse moment and wanted to tattoo this on my body (i do this a lot, thank God for my friends)... but then i thought unless it's across my forehead who's going to see it??

I’ll just stick to plugging good music here sha!


In a time where all we can only reflect and reminisce on the great times. R.A.E pays homage to the early 2000s musical era – the amount of Nostalgia drugs put in this anthem is almost irresponsible lol. A flipping BANGER. ‘Like This’ just oozes ‘cruising in a drop top’ type vibes and if the money is long in your imagination it will be a Cadillac with the gold rims. Real feel good music, my ideal situation would be to having this song playing in the background with a bottle of Supermalt in one hand & a plate of Jollof in the other – i’d really really like this tbh. Released as part of her brand new 6 -tracks EP ‘Listen Up – we are listening ooo and long shall it continue! Set to touch down in Glastonbury in 2021, it is clear that there’s no one out there like R.A.E and I tell you now it’s refreshing to see.


Yes, you really shouldn’t be cheating on your baby! Periodt! I’m glad we all know lol. The first noticeable thing about ‘Cheating’ – is the mellow, trance effect it gives off from the moment you press play. All of sudden there is the injection of African drum patterns in the production *insert emoji love struck eyes here*. This is a combination I really appreciated. Kkeda starts off with a British accent and slowly brings in her Ghanaian background into the chorus. The weaving in and out of both the British & African accent works so well with this track. It’s a sound i really like for the Afro-fusion world that is growing increasingly at the moment. 


Charles Knockz & Orae Khalil came with melodies! I would add to your playlist that is all about vibes! There’s different elements to the song, melody, rap & hook but toward the end it’s feels more free-styled but it was my favourite bit. When Orae Khalil said “road to success with the windscreen smeared” I was like…’PREACHHHHH’ caz uno what sometimes this journey called ‘life’ can get real foggy. I like the message behind ‘All On Me’, both artist express how much success is also in eye of the beholder. The power is within you – a message I can get behind. Yes there are obstacles but guess what… WE WILL PREVAIL.

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