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Remi Recognitions [2nd October]

Get involved! It's pretty simple really, only one rule... IT HAS TO BANG. send me music >> <<

If you’re reading this… you’re in the right place.

Good music is about to be shared, 3 upcoming artists, 3 riddem’s that will spruce up your playlist and have your mate’s shazam’in the songs in your back seat or just screaming ‘ yo yo who’s this ?’

You can my friend, can #ThankMeLater…


Get a load of these guys – producer, JBJmillions samples a classic from our generation & bodied it, remember ‘Baby It’s You’ by Jojo? Yup the TIMELESS BANGER! Ricco Keyss delivery on this is too wavy – another thing that caught my ears with this tune. Just know if I ever did go to the gun range, and my gun doesn’t sounds like Ricco’s impression how a guns sound?? I want a refund. PERIODT.

‘ he’s got the do do do do do’

Listen to ‘No Fugazi’ for much more context! It is definitely worth adding to your playlists becaz you get the feeling of nostalgia whilst at the same time enjoying a fresh approach. Representing ‘East side of that London’ this is Ricco’s debut single and it really is a strong entry into the scene! I hope he keeps dropping music, I’m really tryna hear moree! 


Issa deep one my peeps and I would say this song goes very well with with a nice cup of tea, you really gotta just take it in. And rebuke such an entanglement. It is thought provoking and whoever’s story this is, I hope they both are alright & healing caz… BOI. I mean I do love a lil story, I do! And that’s exactly what JBXNU (pronounced Ja-Ba-Nu) has done with this one. It’s his story telling ability for me – man could make toping up an oyster card seem so poetic. P.O.V which is short for ‘Point Of View’ is a story told from two perspectives between a man & woman in a scenario about the emotions of letting go, moving on & straight up venting. I can’t lie I get a good feeling about JBXNU, he make you want to listen and in rap that’s what it’s all about really.


Get ready to wheel it on 34th second?! Literally! Man said ‘DON LEFF ME’ – Wheel it up bruvvvvv! Skarz really embraced one of my favourite viral challenges #DontLeaveMe – this brought many of us unlimited LOL’s during lockdown. At just 17 years of age, WISPA has a groove that will keep you engaged for the whole track! With the right support, I believe it would of gone off in d clurrbbbs (anyone remember that place?!) – what I’d give just to spend 20 mins lining up to get my coat from the cloakroom after the rave?! Skarz has a bright future, I’m so sure of it. No pressure all, just putting it into the universe, I would love to see a video this!

Till next week my friends…. Join the conversations using #RemiRecognitions on all d socials & check out my previous selections here on Sistem Mag.

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