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Remi’s Recognitions [25th September]

Hanging out the passenger side of your best friends ride... with a dead playlist? - don't let that be you please!

1, 2, 3 and we’re back in the room! 

Core blimey, it’s been a while…

This section of Sistem Mag is dedicated to plugging upcoming artist from all over the world. For many it’s their first article piece & radio play (I play this on my radio show via Reprezent Radio every Friday from 12pm) and it’s something I love doing. 

Every week I bring you 3 songs, 3 artists, 3 links to diversify your playlist horizon.


Pressing play on this song was a blessing I didn’t know I needed. Originally coming from a drill & rap background SP17 joined forces with South African producers Brucey B & DJ Nash. Completely flipping his whole sound, and I just want to let you know  I AM HERE FOR IT, ALL. OF. IT.  At first the production gives me UK Funky House vibes mixed with one of the fastest growing genre’s in South Africa at the moment – ‘Amapaino’. Automatically it’s became a worthy contender for ‘reloads’ however SP17’s melody & simplistic approach confirms it’s title as a BANGER.  The video gives off vibes that we are all missing, the links up we all crave but 6 people really in the maximum for the next 6 months lol. FYI that ‘lol’ was to stop myself from crying! Still hit play for the vibes!


Not even on a showing off ting, but I heard this song a while ago and had to contain my excitement! I’m just happy it is out now! I’ll be honest – from the piano’s on production, the flow, the two step dance routine and also the fact she’s a fellow masculine presenting woman! Yh man although we didn’t really get a summer, this really captures summer vibes for me. The visuals scream good vibes and really makes me wish I never threw away my water gun 3 years ago – caz truth be told, you’re never too old to pull up on a few g’s with a water pistol.  Kairo is someone I forward to hearing more from! Do yourself a favour and ‘Check Dis’ out *winks until you see what I did there*



Manchester harbours a lot of talent so I do love it when a Mancunian slide in my emails! KGOSI (pronounced ‘Koh-Si’) is originally a hip-hop artist but his melody on ‘Zoo Keeper’ is what caught my attention. He weaves in and out of Afro swing vibes with the flow & with his Mancunian accent it naturally makes his style authentic. Authentic is exciting & I’m here to see how he develops in his future releases.

I live for this, don’t be a greedy s*it. Here’s my email: – SHARE GOOD MUSIC.

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