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My top 5 tips for surviving a second wave of Covid

I won’t be scared, I’ve survived it once so I can do it again. This time with that wonderful thing called hindsight! So for Sistem Magazine, from me to you, here are my top 5 tips for surviving a second wave and lockdown:

It’s almost impossible to avoid the news right now, and the Covid-19 pandemic has dominated the headlines like nothing else in our lifetimes. Lockdown forced us into our homes leaving us to make our own entertainment, distractions and coping strategies to endure what was, on reflection, a pretty terrifying period of time.

Don’t get me wrong, it served its purpose. It kept us safe and gave us a new focus for a while, but I think we’d all agree once was enough and it’s not something we’d choose to repeat.
There were collective cheers up and down the country when many of the restrictions were lifted in May and freedom was ours once more. Kind of…

We’re still adapting to the ‘new normal’ and are ever aware that if the numbers rise too high, lockdown could be forced upon us once more. Nobody wants it, but it’s a reality we must face as the winter approaches and viruses are more prevalent in society – regardless of Covid. Waaah…

COVID-19 banner Coronavirus staying at home lightbox message sign with text hashtag #STAYHOME glowing in light to promote self isolation staying at home header background.

Avoid the news and social media

Nothing good came from constantly reading the news online. The numbers depressed me, the scary headlines made me frightened to go out and refreshing Twitter every five minutes in the hope of seeing the virus had magically disappeared got me nowhere. Note to future self: limit news exposure, choose your sources wisely and take the headlines with a pinch of salt. Journalists are paid to pull in the readers!

Buy a treadmill

As bizarre as this sounds, I honestly believe that my one-walk-a-day saved me. It was the highlight of each day, getting up and moving, and fortunately it was Spring so the weather was mostly warm and sunny. Flashforward to potential lockdown in November and the outlook isn’t so rosy. I’m going to invest in a home treadmill that I can whip out when I need it, on the days when the weather is too bad to get outside and walk.

Be cautious when making plans

I got so upset in March when my plans got cancelled. I remember sobbing because a concert I had tickets for was postponed to next year, so I won’t make any big plans to avoid being too disappointed. I’m not being pessimistic – just protecting myself from cancellation misery.

Reframe the problem

Someone told me that instead of being ‘stuck at home’ I was in fact ‘safe at home’ and it made me view the situation differently. I was lucky enough to do my job remotely, spend more time with family, keep in touch with friends digitally and chill out a bit instead of rushing around. I wouldn’t want to live that way forever, but for a couple of months it was actually a refreshing change. Gotta focus on the positives!

Remember it will pass

Lockdown won’t be forever. It might be for a few weeks, (or maybe months – eek) but it will pass and eventually the virus will either run its course or there’ll be a vaccine to protect us all. Better days are just around the corner – and they will feel wonderful! 😊

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