Who's THAT Girl??

[Who’s THAT Girl?] Delilah’s Dagger

Black, female & LGBT owned/ run tattoo shop Delilahs Dagger is the subject of this edition of #WhosTHATGirl? Get to know Leanne, Candice and your newest tattoo obsession, did somebody say sleeve?!

Who are ya?
Leanne (The sickest tattoo artist in South London!) and Candice – Piercer, manager, Budding event and floral designer – a Jackie of all trades if you will. Owners of Delilah’s Dagger Tattoo Studio (well Leanne is the owner and Candice runs the show) We get told that we’re crazy to live together, be together and work together – but it works really well … surprisingly! (no one has been killed … yet)

How did you get here?
To be honest, leanne was a self taught novice artist. An opportunity arose and she jumped at the chance to create her own idea of how she wanted a tattoo studio to be, that’s when “Sydenham Ink” was born in 2014. 2018 we switched it up with a fresh look and rebranded as Delilah’s Dagger. Candice kind of fell into the tattooing / piercing industry by sheer chance when meeting Leanne in 2015. Hanging around the shop, she noticed how inconsistent the piercers were and decided if you want something done just do it yourself and the rest is history. Being able to do this and giving up the desk job gave her the freedom and flexibility to dabble with her passion in events and be creative with her side hustle : Bohotany – exploring all things floral!

What sets YOU apart?
We are black, female and LGBT owned and female run. Smashing up the glass ceilings over here! All our artists identify as women. In such a cis white male dominated industry, we wanted to have a place for women to inspire each other and a place we could be ourselves. Somewhere that oozes female empowerment and we really feel we have achieved this. Just ask our customers (who are all pretty amazing!) We have built such a warm friendly environment and completely go against the stereo type of a “tattoo studio”. We are known for our extravagant Halloween tattoo flash days and our welcoming smiles and chat. We’re basically therapists that draw pretty pictures on you, most customers get so comfortable that they end up telling us their life stories!

Next 5 years where are ya?
We have big plans for Delilah’s Dagger as a brand – we’re aiming to become a widely known brand and to eventually expand to offering much more than tattooing And piercing. We would love to be able to have a space where we have tattooing, piercing, intimate gigs, events , workshops etc all under one roof. A hub that people come to know and love for all that we offer. With a strong female team of course!

How do we find you?
Instagram: @DelilahsDagger @LeanneCKerr @Bohotany  

Website: www.delilahsdaggertattoo.com/


  1. I really love that you guys do this feature, shining a light on those who aren’t just singers and rappers

    Beautiful tattoos as well!!

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