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Remi’s Recognition [9th August]

Sun’s out A LOT these’s day (that was a little bit of a moan btw) so, we gotta get our toes out & everywhere we go it’s a battle of “Who has the best playlist?” – Thank Me Later.

Bellah – Something U Like 

 If there’s one artist you need to get familiar with, its Bellah. Constantly delivering anthems for dilemma’s many of us can (sometimes sadly) relate towards in our quest to find ‘love’. It’s hard outchea man. Thankfully we’ve got an artist who can put our words into anthem’s that we can scream the lyrics too whilst lighting our candles (for some shrines) at home.  There is quotable’s for days in Something U Like!  These day’s we are always running low on great instagram captions. Just imagine – dressed to impress, fresh creps, nice ironed  t-shirt,  one ambiguous pose and boom ‘Heart on my sleeve so my wrist stay frozen…’ as your caption! Yo, did you know your now the new captain of the cool kids?. Thank me later, but seriously thank Bellah. Check out the beautiful, melanin poppin visuals below.

Hudson East – Loyalty

This is worthy of being added to club sets! DJ’s I’m going to need you to hit play so I can hold up my cup and stunt with my ringless pinky finger. The North West London rapper Hudson East has a created an anthem with a message – he ain’t here for the fakes and quite frankly wants you to miss him with the loyalty talk.  I. HEAR. IT.  Check out his visuals set in a flower garden with lavender being the theme – a setting I really wish I could appreciate.  As a hayfever sufferer, I was getting anxiety just looking at it LOL i’m out here tackling one garden at a time.

Nizzy ft Wauve – Monalisa

It is with great pleasure to announce I have a new bed-rocking anthem to add to my beloved ‘Afrobeats Love’ playlist. I mean it all makes sense since this is the third track off his brand new ‘Pillow Therapy’ EP. It feels as though Nizzy try’s to take us through different stages of a perfect ‘night in’ with the alternating flows & switch up of the production towards the end! I especially appreciate the Wauve effect – he came in saucier than some seriously glazed bbq wings. Straight after listening to Monalisa, I had to listen to the rest of the EP & now I’m hooked – sitting here at 1 am with one pillow but no therapy. We move.

Spread the word & the email – send me something special!

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