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Summer 2020: How To Staycation

With more and more people wanting to find the perfect UK break that not only adheres to social-distancing but makes your friends whistle with envy and whisper "where even is she?!" Sistem Magazine's Yinka breaks it down and tells you How To Staycation

All bets flights are off! The jury is in. The judge has banged the gavel and there is no travel this here summer 2020 (for me anyway.)
Whilst some are risking it all for a little European getaway, I am not that brave. I think it is safe to say that hardly any of us truly know how to do the right thing when it comes to  this pandemic, the thought of having to isolate for a fortnight after being stuck in the house for 17 weeks is enough to make the bright lights of Ibiza seem a little less alluring.

*Hidden gems* at a beach in Southend

Once outside opened up again I decided to take the opportunity to have a look at what this rainy little Island has to offer, whilst the advice is still to stay as far away from people as possible *insert current metres being advertised here* I think we all deserve a break and it is a lot more fabulous socially-distancing in a barn in Barnsley than it is in my London flat that doesn’t have any outdoor space, unless you want me to scale the building, which at one point in May seemed like a viable option.


With COVID19, furlough and the fear of catching the virus in a potential second wave very real in a lot of our minds, so many more of us will be looking for a social- distance-friendly break on our own shores, that hit the mark. The question is how do you do it without ending up in someones spare bedroom with a carpark view and only a Nisa for sustenance?

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 16.42.39

Use the internet and I am NOT just talking about Air BnB:
Personally I like Air BnB, I know it gets a lot of mixed reviews and I understand why but some of the nicest places I have ever stayed have been courtesy of the app, they’ve also been the most expensive places too, but how else are you going to achieve those envy-likes from your mates on insta?
What I suggest you have look at the comparison sites, my personal fave is Booking.Com simply because they don’t just offer hotel stays. You can search for apartments, lodges even houseboats and usually find a pretty good deal in the process.

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 16.22.18
The Instagram location tool is super handy

Check the location!
England has so many hidden gems but it is often hard to know where to go (especially for us big city dwellers) so when someone you follow posts a pic in a location that looks cute; tap on that. I do it a lot. Your neighbour standing next to a nice stream? *TAP* on that location. Your cousins ex boyfriend looking cute on a hilltop? *TAP* on that location! That way, when the accommodation provider wants to know where you want to go before you begin your search, you actually have an answer.

But do it properly-
You have so many options when it comes to camping, from wild camping (please tap this link so you don’t get arrested) to Glamping, to heading over to your parents back yard with a tent and a bucket (THAT was a joke, please use your dads toilet)
Camping is such a shout for a smaller budget and brilliant with a group of people so perfect for the friends you have missed to much during lockdown

Types “apartments near the river” into Google

Visit THAT place you have always wanted to
Be it for a day-trip or an overnight stay. This is where I encourage you to be a tourist and use your Googles. Never seen stone henge? Why not give it a go?
Heard that Bath is nice? You can visit there in the morning and be home before they make the children cry on The Voice Kids. Every trip doesn’t have to be 4,5,6 days long and in taking day trips you can save a lot of money. These kind of trips are especially great for unpredictable weather.
Home made sandwiches by the Seven Sisters? Sounds lovely if you ask me.

I’ve heard Seven Sisters. (in East Sussex) is lovely this time of year

I am writing this from a cute hotel room in Southend where I am spending the weekend. Simply because I saw the weather was going to be lovely and googled “beaches closest to London”
My point is that Summer 2020 may not have been the lads trip to Cancun you thought it was going to be but there is still time to enjoy it, so get out there, stay safe and have fun x

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