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Remi’s Recognition [31st July]

The weather has been amazing – I’ve spent the last few days sat in traffic though because people are REALLY out, air conditioners are on full blast,  lot’s of people hanging out the passenger sides of their best friends ride (i’ve never thought there was anything wrong with this btw?) and lastly the designated car DJ is blazing music loudly! That’s usually me, I’m the one that will play a song that my friends may have never heard… and I am not sorry.  This week I hit them three very different songs!

Verose – Need Someone 

Need Someone is a reminder of how sweet love can be – especially how exciting the early stages of meeting someone can be. You know, dropping all the sweet bars to basically indirectly let them know you’ve fallen. Verose leads us with the emotion for his debut single – I’d say definitely add this to all your playlists that suggest you are ‘in your feelings’ or your special ‘set the tone’ (whatever weird name you’ve given it) playlist.  It’s the perfect fit for either.

Jonesy – Do Am

I am drawn to both the flow of Jonesy and the production from Spax. The feeling of nostalgia was consistent throughout and one line I particularly resonated with was ‘old school man fell off like Ribena’ – if you know you know. The streets are still hurting from what the recent 2018 Sugar Tax did to Ribena.  Jonesy recently released a series called OneTwoFlexing which consists of 3 visual episodes & two bonus tracks.

Gisèle – Let Him Go

Truth is, someone out there NEEDs this message in their life. “Does he call, does he answer? Is he picking up the phone? Isit banter?” These are the questions you need to ask yourself, these simple questions could be all you need to leave a situation that isn’t in your best interest.  You ever come across an unserious candidate, Gisèle has got you.

 Holla at me with a single that you think deserves to be recognised via Till next week friends…

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